Rebecca GoniwichHome Program Client Services

    With the company since: December 2010

    “I have been a Certified iLs Practitioner since 2008 and have worked with iLs at the prestigious Hallowell Center in Boston, as a home coach with 100s of people around the world, with my own children to improve SPD, ADHD & Autism and I have done many programs of listening myself.

    If you are a parent or an adult user looking for information about iLs, you may be reaching out to me. If so, I will share information about using iLs at home or in a clinic. This conversation may consist of chatting about how your iLs program can be individualized for your unique needs, setting expectations and goals, selecting a practitioner or home coach, sending literature and helping place your rental order.

    I am an iLs Practitioner, Special Needs Parent and User of iLs and am happy to answer any questions you have or explain how iLs works. It is important to me that you understand the full potential and benefit of iLs.”


    Where were you born: Detroit, MI

    Random fact about you: I was appointed to by the Governor of Massachusetts to be on the Massachusetts Developmental Disability Council (MDDC) twice.

    Hobbies: My dogs, boating, autism & ADHD advocacy, helping others, interior design, and home renovation.

    Favorite book: “The Explosive Child” by Dr. Ross Greene.

    If you had a super power, what would it be and why: I would have the power to be a healer of those with autism, cognitive, attention or physical disabilities and mental illness.

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