Professional Training

All courses are designed for professionals working with children and adults in the areas of learning & attention difficulties, sensory integration, auditory processing and the autism spectrum.More

iLs training is for certified professionals and assistants in the following disciplines:

Speech and Language Therapy, Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Education, Medicine & Nursing, Psychology, Psychiatry, Counseling, ADHD Coaching, Applied Behavioral Analysis, DIR Floortime, RDI, Neurofeedback Therapy, Naturopathy, Athletic Training, Other areas of Therapy and Health Care

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Practitioner Training Course (PTC)

ptc(Course Prerequisite: Clinical/Educational Degree)

The Practitioner Training Course prepares professionals with theoretical and hands-on training in iLs methodology and equipment.  The course focuses on integrating iLs with your goals and practice (clinical or educational), as well as customizing the iLs Focus Series for unique client needs.

Training Dates, Locations & Registration: More

Apr 12, Sun – Cleveland, OH
Apr 18, Sat – St. Louis, MO
Apr 18, Sat – Seattle, WA
Apr 25, Sat – Klamath Falls, OR
Apr 25, Sat – Richmond, VA
Apr 25, Sat – Syracuse, NY
May 2, Sat – Jersey City, NJ
May 9, Sat – Tulsa, OK
May 9, Sat – Salt Lake City, UT
May 16, Sat – Wilmington, DE
May 16, Sat – Vancouver, BC
May 30, Sat – Miami, FL
Jun 06, Sat - Omaha, NE
June 06, Sat – Hartford, CT
Jun 06, Sat – Calgary, AB
Jun 13, Sat  – Portland, ME
Jun 27, Sat – Sacramento, CA

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Practitioner Training Course Content, Objectives & CEU Information

Distance Practitioner Training Course (DPTC)

dptc(Course Prerequisite: Clinical/Educational Degree)

The DPTC is a distance version of the PTC, and is conducted by an iLs trainer, through a webinar format. The webinar can be taken from any location, ideal for those unable to attend the PTC in person. We have Distance Practitioner Course Interactive Webinar Dates currently available:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 – 10am – 1pmMT (12amET/11amCT/9amPT) FULL

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 – 1pm – 4pm MT (3pmET/2pmCT/12pmPT)
Thursday, April 23, 2015 – 9am – 12pmMT (11amET/10amCT/8amPT)

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DPTC en Español

Distance Practitioner Training Course Content, Objectives & CEU Information


Advanced Practitioner Training Courses

aptc(Course Prerequisite: Completion of PTC)

The Advanced Practitioner Training Courses prepare one to use the full breadth of ils equipment, including including creating original, individualized programs on the iLs Pro system. Both Pro and Focus Series systems can be customized for client needs. The Pro has higher bone conduction output, higher frequency filtration and customizable right/left ear training.

Training Dates, Locations & Registration:More

The Advanced Level I training will cover the Pro Amplifier and its increased bone conduction and R/L lateralization, the Interactive Language Program, iLs program structure and how to combine and customize the Focus Programs. You will learn to create customized programs specifically aimed at addressing your clients’ challenging needs. You will also learn to pace the speed of the program based on your client, adjust programs when regression/reorganization occur and accommodate for scheduling difficulties.

The Advanced Level II training will cover the Pro music library from which you will create your own programs. These individualized programs are used in supervised settings to jumpstart a home program, accelerate a program, during intensives and with more complex cases.

CEU Information

2015 Advanced Practitioner Training Course Dates
APTC I – April 24 – 25, 2015 – Atlanta, GA area
APTC I – May 08 – 09, 2015 – Toronto, ON
APTC I – Jun 27 – 28, 2015 – Minneapolis, MN

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Autism Specialist Training Course

astc(Course Prerequisite: Clinical/Educational Degree)

The iLs Applications for Autism Specialists is a 2-hour interactive webinar-based training. It is for professionals working with children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The goal is to provide more specific instruction and guidance to those who are using iLs with this population.

Training Dates & Registration: More

Coming Soon

Course Description and CEU Information

Home Supervision Training Course (HSTC)

hstc(Course Prerequisite: Completion of PTC)

Home programs require organization and compliance.  This 1-hour webinar for professionals focuses on tools and techniques for overseeing your clients’ home use; it is a pre-requisite for joining the iLs Equipment Rental Program. You can watch this training:

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On-Demand HSTC

Course Description and CEU Information

Interactive Language Program Course (ILPC)

ilpc(Course Prerequisite: Clinical/Educational Degree)

The Interactive Language Program Training Course is a 90-min online course that provides an in-depth look at the iLs Interactive Language Program (ILP), including how to use the equipment and how to integrate the ILP with iLs Focus and iLs Pro programs.

Training Dates & Registration: More

Registration Criteria: a professional degree, or degree candidate, in health care, education or other related area. Requests for exceptions to this criterion are considered on an individual basis.

5 Contact Hours or 5 CAS Hours or .5 AOTA CEUs

Friday, April 10, 2015 – 10am MT (12pmET, 11am CT, 9am PT)

Friday, May 15, 2015 – 10am MT (12pmET, 11am CT, 9am PT)

Course Description and Outcomes: The Interactive Language Program Training Course is a 90-min online course that provides an in-depth look at the iLs Interactive Language Program (ILP), including how to use the equipment and how to integrate the ILP with iLs Focus and iLs Pro programs. Upon successful completion of the course, trainees will be able to:

  • Set up and use the ILP equipment: amplifier, microphone, bone conduction headphones and auditory processing activities loaded onto the iPod Touch.
  • Integrate the functional language activities of the ILP into their practice as well as with other iLs equipment (the iLs Focus and/or Pro System).
  • Customize programs to achieve therapeutic objectives.