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Ongoing training and the exchange of best practices is vital, especially in such a young and growing field as ours.  To help iLs-trained clinicians and educators stay abreast of the most recent innovations and applications, we have launched the following channels to facilitate professional dialog:

I.  The Forum: an ongoing web-based discussion of specific topics for iLs Associates only; all discussion threads are archived and can be viewed retroactively; the main purpose is to provide a means of asking questions and exchanging best practices with those having more, or different, experience

II.  E-Newsletter: a monthly memo to all iLs Associates including interviews with creative practitioners, usage tips, new research in the related fields and other updates

III.  Conference Calls: a chance to have your questions addressed by leaders in the field; each call begins explanation of a specific topic, usually one that has garnered attention in the Forum or elsewhere, and then the platform is opened up to callers’ questions

Making Training More Affordable: In addition to the above, iLs encourages ongoing education by allowing trainees to apply their past iLs training fees toward future iLs training.  For example, those who have completed the distance training may attend Practitioner courses at no extra cost.  Those who have completed Practitioner level training can apply that cost toward the advanced 3.5-day Professional course.  And anyone can repeat a course at no additional charge.

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