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Misty is a speech-language pathologist with over 16 years of experience in both pediatrics and adult rehabilitation. She is certified to administer and interpret the Sensory Integration Praxis Test and holds a certificate in pediatric neurodevelopmental therapy. Her continuing education post graduate school is extensive, especially in the areas of sensory integration, auditory processing and whole-body interventions. She enjoys working with severely medically involved clients, as well as uncovering the often overlooked potential in children exhibiting auditory processing and sensory processing disorders. She has utilized a variety of listening programs since 1997 and became certified in ILS in 2008. Misty firmly believes it is imperative to work from a whole-body frame of reference in regards to treating children which makes her so excited about the Integrated Listening Systems concept as it incorporates visual, vestibular, proprioceptive, and auditory processing. She is the co-owner of Milestones, pediatric comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facility and Minds on the Move, a clinical consulting/education firm.

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