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iLs offers tools and programs you can use to help improve state, focus, learning and productivity. We think of our offerings as a continuum. Each program is laid out below in the context of the therapy pathway it utilizes, as well as the time and effort necessary to complete them.


The iLs model of therapy is rooted in the fact that attaining or restoring autonomic balance improves therapeutic outcomes.  Accordingly, we offer therapies that address the autonomic nervous system through the  passive pathway and multi-sensory, bottom-up active pathway therapies that utilize music and movement.

The Dreampad and the SSP are passive pathway therapy therapies.  Both prepare the client’s emotional and physiological state and require low levels of activity and compliance.  The Dreampad helps by improving sleep, which is the foundation for daytime alertness and readiness to learn.  The SSP helps to improve vagal regulation of the heart, auditory processing and state regulation.  Additionally, the Dreampad and the SSP accelerate the effectiveness of our active pathway therapies.  

iLs’ Focus Systems and the VoicePro utilize the active pathway because they both incorporate movement.  Focus Systems build the ability to engage, attend and process sensory information, while The VoicePro supports the ability to engage socially, to communicate, and express oneself.

As you move from left to right in the chart, one program initiates change and the next helps to solidify it.  The Focus Systems and VoicePro can expand upon what the SSP and the Dreampad have started, all by using similar but more complex stimulation to repair a distressed nervous system.

Give us a call to see if iLs can help you, your child or your clients to prepare for the academic year to come.  Our team is happy to brainstorm options and approaches with you!

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