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Our Clinical Director, Dr. Ron Minson, has decades of experience working with adults and children with processing delays, attention and learning differences, as well as brain dysfunction … and more … using iLs’ music and movement therapy.  

In this seven-minute video, he shares his perspective on the importance of movement for brain development, memory, and learning.  As a bonus, you get to watch Dr. Ron do this while standing on a balance board!



In summary, as Dr. Ron says, “the brain develops through movement, and it doesn’t stop developing as long as we keep moving!”


Below are some resources referenced in the video you may want to review and share with your clients:

  1. A study published in Pediatrics suggests that a daily movement break of 15 minutes or more during the school day may play a role in improving learning, social development, and health in elementary school children.
  2. A Survey of 500 elementary school teachers found that every teacher  100 percent – said that recess is essential for young students’ mental and physical development.
  3. More on the relationship between movement and BDNF – brain-derived neurotrophic factor: This article goes into further detail on how and why movement – and, in turn, BDNF – improves brain function.


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Useful diagrams (many therapists use these in explaining iLs to their clients – some have even laminated them since they use them so often):

The Pyramid of Learning

iLs Pyramid of Learning: The Importance of Multisensory Input

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