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While tests, charts and graphs are great ways to illustrate iLs program success, there is no substitute for video.

We encourage you to capture your progress with video! Simply pull out your phone or tablet as often as you want to record the changes you are seeing. Seeing the changes in real-time will keep everyone more engaged at home and/or in-clinic, and maintain the energy necessary to complete the sessions on time.

Some changes you will see are huge, and you can point directly to them. Other changes can be subtle. Yet, the subtle changes are often reflective of bigger changes going on under the surface.

By recording pre- and post-video, you can be sure to capture all the changes taking place during the course of an iLs program.

The key is to record similar activities in short time frames so it’s easy to track the changes.

  • Complete the video release form.
  • Choose an activity (the same activity for each session).
  • Record a 20-second video before starting the iLs Program.
  • Record a 20 second video halfway through and after the program, and at any point you notice significant changes.


How to record video:

  1. Hold your phone horizontally to get the wider view.
  2. Open the Camera App on your phone, select video and press record.
  3. When you’re done recording, select the arrow button at the bottom to share the video.
  4. Send video via text to: (716) 588-0520. Include a message telling us your story.
  5. Texts will timestamp and date the activity. iLs will then pull the videos together to demonstrate the improvement!
    • iLs will professionally format the video for therapists to keep, share in presentations and on their website (with permission from the client).
    • With your permission, iLs will share your video for training and promotional purposes. We’d love to promote you on our website!


Another way to send video

If you have a great story to share, you can record a video right on our site. Just press the record button on the page and press stop when you’re done, and we’ll receive your video. (Note, you’ll need to activate the camera on your device for the recording to work.) Thanks!

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