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Carol completed a Master’s program with an emphasis in Christian education and has worked as an early childhood educator for almost 20 years. She teaches in an inclusion school and works in partnership with other professionals (OTs, speech, audiologists, etc.) in assessing children for specific needs as well as establishing strategies to meet those needs. In addition, she tutors children who are struggling at school with learning difficulties. She also has a performing arts background and has taught dance. And she is happy to say she was the first person to offer iLs in Greensboro, NC!

Carol has a special interest in supporting individuals with auditory processing issues. She is also a huge fan of homeschooling and is eager to help those in that community incorporate iLs into what they are already doing! She has lived and worked outside of the United States and loves interacting with people from all over the world. Carol is committed to working with children and their families and wants each child to see and celebrate their existing strengths while working to reach their fullest potential.

From Carol: As an early childhood educator, I am often the first person to talk with a family about concerns we have for their child. Not only can this information be overwhelming, but navigating the system of evaluations and services can be both confusing and costly. Therefore, I do my best to assist and support parents going through this process. I also offer reinforcement ideas and activities, resources (websites, books), and have handouts to share with teachers to promote better understanding of children with auditory processing issues.

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