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Cognitive Leap

Cognitive Leap

What is Cognitive Leap?

CogLeap Child Attention and Emotion Center is a brand new type of Child center in China that utilizes cutting edge technologies such as Virtual Reality and holistic mind and body approaches to help Chinese children achieve academic success as well as life success.

CogLeap is founded by Stanford graduates and world-renowned psychiatrist, ADHD expert Dr. Edward M. Hallowell, who taught at Harvard Medical School for over 20 years. Our advisors include Jeremy Bailenson, Director of Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford, and Trudy Goodman, respected Mindfulness teacher and Phd student of Jean Piaget, the founding scientist of child developmental area.

How does Cognitive Leap use iLs?

CogLeap Child Attention and Emotion Center has exclusive rights to use iLs in the Greater China Region for clinical and non-clinical purposes. iLs is a great tool for us to help kids improve attention and emotion from a deep and fundamental level. It also fits well with our mind and body approach.

Where is Cognitive Leap located?

CogLeap operates centers in Shanghai and Beijing, and is continually adding more centers in Chinese cities.

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