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NRBS 46th Annual International Conference

Well being starts with the nervous system

A bottom-up approach to trauma therapy

Unyte-iLs programs are developed using a bottom-up approach, and are non-invasive solutions that are practical and accessible. Our mission is to guide every person to train their nervous systems to be more aware, regulated and resilient so they can feel safe, happy and healthy and more effectively respond to life’s challenges.

Our programs include music, movement, breathing, meditation and language exercises that nourish the nervous system to enable meaningful and lasting changes in physiological state and quality of life.


Unyte-iLs programs are based on neuroplasticity, providing gentle and specific stimulation in order to activate the neural pathways used in the processing of sensory information. Neuronal connections in these pathways are strengthened and new connections are established through repeated sessions of multisensory input.


Respond effectively to life’s challenges

“Respond vs. react”, replacing emotionally-charged reactivity with controlled responsiveness and resilience


Access higher learning and cognition
Learn and retain important facts and concepts that enable greater confidence and societal contribution


Build positive social relationships
Develop relationships and truly connect with others

Our Programs

By improving brain function we can achieve our goals and realize our full potential. Unyte-iLs programs provide support to professionals and their clients everyday.

We partner with healthcare professionals, families and individuals to deliver these multisensory products in-clinic or remotely.

One SSP, 3 Pathways: Connect, Core, Balance

The Safe and Sound Protocol, or SSP,  is a non-invasive application of Polyvagal Theory, based on decades of research and developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, Unyte’s Chief Scientific Advisor.

The complete SSP program comprises 3 main pathways that are accessible through and facilitated by a qualified and certified professional.

The SSP pathways are designed to help the nervous system to better receive, process and respond to the cues and signals from the world around us. The SSP program, which is facilitated by qualified and certified professionals, employs a practical bottom-up approach to help people regulate their nervous system more consistently and independently.

The Focus System

The Focus System improves brain function through the implementation of the our methodology: brain and body integration through multisensory input.

The Focus System is a clinical-level intervention designed for home use, consisting of therapeutically-treated music combined with fun movement activities, and, when ready, cognitive challenges to further activate brain networks.

Interactive Meditation

Built with real-time biofeedback, Interactive Meditation’s self-regulation program is a guide to a healthy coping lifestyle.

With the iom2 biofeedback device, your breathing and heart rate guide your practice.

The DreamPad

The DreamPad is a patented sleep aid guaranteed to give you a great night’s sleep. Soothing music is played through the Dreampad with a gentle vibration, which signals the nervous system’s relaxation response, making it easier to slow down and fall asleep peacefully.

The Dreampad is equally effective for all ages, and particularly helpful for those experiencing stress, anxiety, sleep disturbances.

The Science Behind Unyte-iLs Programs


E-Book: Why Effective Processing & Regulation Are the Essential Foundation for Health


Case Study: Adult with trauma history regulates self-destructive habits, no longer feels fear of others

What To Expect From Trauma Therapy

Case Study: Child with a history of severe pre-verbal trauma and traumatic brain injury has decreased aggression and impulsivity and begins to self soothe

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Our consultants can help you find the right programs for you and your clients. 

  • At STAR Center our therapists use the Focus System for a few key reasons: it can be customized to each individual’s needs, the bone conduction delivery is a wonderful vestibular supplement, and the quality of the music is remarkable... We have seen tremendous developmental growth spurts using this program in combination with OT. The Focus System combined with OT seems to accelerate or “jump start” many of the children’s developmental changes. It also can have a calming effect on some children which makes it easier for our therapists to work with the child. In general, we see accelerated gains by adding the Focus System to OT. We use it with most of our children in clinic and we often send clients home with a Focus System for continuation of therapy once their intensive short-term program is complete.

    Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR/L author of Sensational Kids, Founder of SPD Foundation
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