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How Integrated Listening Works for Educators

iLs focuses on improving the functional aspects of learning, such as attention, memory, processing and emotional balance. Once these skills are in place, a couple things occur: the individual student becomes a successful learner, and the school becomes a better environment for learning to take place.

The iLs School Program includes the following components:

  • iLs Student Focus: state-of-the-art audio technology with 30-minute sessions
  • Online Portal: allows therapist, teacher and administration to access school and student accounts, track program progress, and report results
  • Measure of Foundational Abilities (MFA): an online assessment of symptoms related to learning abilities; using the MFA before and after iLs provides a clear measure of individual and aggregate results

Data were compiled from nine schools (public, charter and private) using the iLs School Program during the 2014/15 school year. iLs’ MFA was used before and after the programs of 78 students to measure changes in the five categories of balance, gross & fine motor control, sensory, social/emotional, auditory/language and attention/organization. Some schools also collected changes in math and reading scores, as well as NWEA assessments.

Teacher and parent comments were collected to capture qualitative changes and feedback regarding implementation. In the video below parents and therapists discuss the iLs School Program.

How is iLs Implemented?

iLs is a fun activity, or ‘exercise’, which is usually done in the classroom.


Certification in iLs for schools requires a half-day training.


iLs is an evidence-based practice which allows for ongoing tracking of student results. To read iLs research related to learning difficulties (attention, processing, reading/writing), autism, sensory processing disorder and sleep please visit our Research page.

Support & Ongoing Professional Training

The iLs Student Program is all inclusive, including training, equipment, online student assessments, immediate placement of equipment.

Our Guarantee

The iLs Satisfaction Guarantee  While no one can guarantee results with each individual student, we can guarantee each schools’ satisfaction with our service and our products.

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