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SEGAN The Sensory Mosaic of Healing® Synchronized SSP Remote Delivery Group: 9 Total Sessions

February 27 - March 17


This opportunity is available to a maximum of 6 participant practitioners that are SSP certified or in the process of becoming one.

Ana do Valle and Katharine Sawyer will be facilitating the SEGAN Remote SSP Delivery.

Your Investment of $900 Includes:

  • Seven ninety-minute group online sessions.
  • Two sixty-minute private one-on-one interviews.  One before and one after the group experience.  An individualized Sensory Routine will be created for each participant in order to support regulation, stabilization and resource the process.
  • The first interview is to set an individual’s intention.  The second interview is to review the meaning actualized during the process and integrate the experience.
    • Meetings will be scheduled after participants have registered.
    • Pre-Intention Setting Interviews: February 27th and 28th.
    • Post-Integration Interviews:  March 20th and 21st.

What You Will Learn:

  • The components of the SEGAN (Sensations, Emotions, Gestures, Action, and Narrative) that encompass the tracking system used for the remote delivery of the SSP.
  • The algorithm of the SEGAN (Seeking Awareness by Embracing the Awakening of a Vision) as it relates to the algorithm of the SSP.
  • How to create a sensory routine to support you and your client’s Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) regulation during the SEGAN/SSP program.
  • How to utilize movement/proprioception, sculpting, painting, color gesture, Eurythmy, poetry, and fairytales of the SEGAN The Sensory Mosaic of Healing®.
  • To describe and correlate the hours of the SSP as it relates to the Somatic Experiencing Model.



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