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Holiday Healing Bundle

Clinical Tools, Advanced Training and Practical Resources to Help Support Your Clients’ Nervous Systems and Enhance Your Practice

The challenges of present-day life can be difficult to navigate when the nervous system is stuck in a state of chronic defense. 

While we can’t control what happens in the world, we can empower our clients to better respond in theirs through a compassionate guide for health and healing alongside nervous system-regulating interventions like the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP).

This special holiday offer featuring Stephen Porges, Ph.D., and Gabor Maté, MD, and Deb Dana, LCSW is ideal for any mental, physical or developmental health practitioner.

Benefit from the full package starting at just $139/month for 12 months or $1,499/year.

This offer includes your Safe and Sound
Protocol (SSP) Annual Subscription

FREE Foundational SSP Training and Certification, regularly $349!

Gabor Maté’s bestselling book, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture

Exclusive on-demand talk with Drs. Porges and Maté — not available anywhere else!

The Polyvagal Card Deck: 58 Practices for Calm and Change by Deb Dana, LCSW

What’s included in the Holiday Healing Bundle:


Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Annual Subscription
Full access for one year ($1,499 value)

The SSP is an integrative therapeutic approach and the practical, clinical application of Dr. Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, used by over 3,000 practitioners in 70 countries worldwide.

Designed to work with other therapeutic approaches and modalities, the SSP involves listening to specially filtered music through headphones alongside a provider, in-person or remotely. Suitable for children and adults, the SSP has demonstrated benefits for individuals with trauma, anxiety, sensory processing differences and more.


FREE Foundational SSP Training and Certification ($349 value!)

Enhance your practice and ability to deliver integrative therapy by expanding your understanding of Polyvagal Theory and the SSP. This on-demand training is built on the most recent evidence and latest advancements, and includes content aligned with leading modalities and interventions.

Includes clinical training, actionable steps for practice integration, logistical and financial considerations, and guidance to support you in communicating and delivering the SSP to your clients with confidence.


The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture by Gabor Maté, MD — a New York Times instant bestseller.

For all our expertise and technological sophistication, Western medicine often fails to treat the whole person, ignoring how today’s culture stresses the body, burdens the immune system, and undermines emotional balance. In The Myth of Normal, co-written with his son Daniel, Dr. Maté brings his perspective to the great untangling of common myths about what makes us sick, connects the dots between the maladies of individuals and society, and offers a compassionate guide for health and healing.


A video conversation between Stephen Porges, Ph.D., and Gabor Maté, MD

Continue your learning with this exclusive prerecorded conversation between Drs. Porges and Maté. In this insightful and informative discussion, the two thought leaders will share their professional experiences and perspectives on healing, aiming to address topics top of mind to clinicians and practitioners working to support their clients in today’s climate.

The on-demand video will be available January 5, 2023, and is only available with this offer!


Polyvagal Card Deck: 58 Practices for Calm and Change by Deb Dana, LCSW

As the leading clinical translator of Dr. Porges’ influential Polyvagal Theory, Deb Dana created this Polyvagal Card Deck to provide Polyvagal concepts and prompts.

Clinicians can use the cards at the beginning of a session to frame the work with the provider or at the end to create a plan for ongoing work, while clients can reach for the cards any time they want some nervous system support.

 Enhance your practice through the lens of science, compassion and nervous system health with this special holiday offer!

Your Holiday Healing Bundle includes:

  • Safe and Sound Protocol Annual Subscription
  • FREE Foundational SSP Training and Certification – a $349 value!
  • Gabor Maté’s The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture
  • Deb Dana’s Polyvagal Card Deck
  • Exclusive access to a video conversation between Drs. Stephen Porges and Gabor Maté
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Billed annually.
Pay $1,499 today and instantly save over $500!
A monthly payment plan offers flexibility.


Billed monthly for a one-year commitment. Pay $0 today and $139 monthly upon completing training.

Is the Safe and Sound Protocol right for me?

By helping to access a grounded state, the SSP promotes a neural platform for health, growth and restoration in our clients. Activating the social engagement system, it is a powerful tool that supports clinicians in guiding their clients to become more aware, regulated and resilient — and more receptive to interventions.

Have questions?

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SSP Providers include:

  • Trauma Counselors
  • Psychotherapists
  • Psychologists
  • Physicians
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Substance use and Addiction Counselors
  • Certified Autism Specialists
  • And many more

Watch our on-demand webinar!

Watch Simplifying the SSP to learn how you can integrate this life-changing approach into your unique practice. 

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  • Offer valid until December 30, 2022
  • Monthly subscription begins when training is complete or after 30 days, whichever comes first.
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