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iLs is more than just a listening therapy. As a truly multi-sensory program, iLs integrates sound with movement.

“iLs came around and we thought, ‘Oh, my goodness, this is what we’ve been looking for. This is that magic tool in our kit.’”

– Jill Sengbusch, iLs Practitioner, MA/CCC-SLP


Clinical Applications

A variety of clinicians incorporate iLs into their practice because it provides a means to enhance sensory input while continuing to address targeted goals, increasing attention and focus with directed tasks.

The multi-tasking required with adding iLs as a therapeutic modality is more intensive within a shorter time frame and progress can come at a much faster rate.

The iLs program is an effective intervention on its own or may be implemented as a dynamic and integral component of a range of other therapies, including behavioral, relationship-based, sensory and bio-medical methods.

“At STAR Center our therapists use iLs for a few key reasons: it can be customized to each individual’s needs, the bone conduction delivery is a wonderful vestibular supplement, and the quality of the music is remarkable… We have seen tremendous developmental growth spurts using iLs in combination with OT. iLs combined with OT seems to accelerate or “jump start” many of the children’s developmental changes. It also can have a calming effect on some children which makes it easier for our therapists to work with the child. In general, we see accelerated gains by adding iLs to OT… We use it with most of our children in clinic and we often send clients home with an iLs Focus system for continuation of therapy once their intensive short-term program is complete.”

Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR/L
Author of Sensational Kids, Founder of SPD Foundation

 iLs is an American Occupational Therapy Association Approved Provider of continuing education. AOTA does not endorse specific course content, products, or clinical procedures.


iLs is an IBCCES pre-approved provider to the certified autism specialist.iLs is an International Institute of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standard; Certified Autism Specialist Credential approved provider.
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