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Summer is no excuse to get off track!

We can’t stress enough the importance of consistent and frequent implementation for reaching the best results. Summertime presents both opportunities for distractions and opportunities to truly commit to the program.


Using the Home Program will help you get the needed frequency even with clients who can visit your office only once or twice a week.

Get them outside:

iLs is the only program that allows them to move; no screens involved!

All activities can be customized and easily scheduled into daily activities, such as

  • walks in the park,
  • listening to music on the playground? yes, please!
  • simply laying under the sun,
  • playing ball games,
  • riding bike on a bike path (or other traffic-free areas),
  • creating chalk art on a driveway,
  • and even fishing!
Kids Exercise

Incorporate iLs into your (and their) busy schedules: they don’t have to travel to your office to achieve amazing progress. Plus, we offer flexibility of Focus 30 and 60; you choose what session duration works best!

Get compliance: Measure of Foundational Abilities (MFA) helps you demonstrate results. This is huge for helping families continue in your care. The online pre- and post-assessment tool creates a report and graphs progress in six functional areas.

Getting started is easy, take this FREE short 20-minute on-demand webinar and you’re on your way to enhanced therapy outcomes!  The webinar focuses on tools and techniques for overseeing your clients’ home use.

iLs takes care of the rest: families can rent their own systems from us. We will take care of billing and repairs.

Now, your expertise can work hard for your clients even when they’re not in your office.

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Summer Intensive Programs

“Intensives” provide your clients with an opportunity to practice newly-acquired or improved skills daily basis to ensure long-lasting results.

Summer is the perfect time for these programs, because it allows you to:

  • Schedule sessions back-to-back,
  • Offer more frequent / longer sessions,
  • Employ a multitude of modalities that you don’t usually have time for,
  • Home Program Supervision will also support this effective process at home.

Our new Safe and Sound Protocol is the ideal modality for an intensive program. The SSP is a five-day intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while opening the door for improved communication and more successful therapy.

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