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Get Your SSP Certification + Exclusive Live Q&A With Deb Dana

Unyte-iLs, along with Dr. Porges, is excited to welcome PESI members in joining over 2,000 therapists currently using the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) to help their clients regulate their nervous systems and connect with themselves, others and the world. 

From today until August 24, purchase the complete SSP Training for $249 and secure your seat at an exclusive and interactive Q&A with Deb Dana, LCSW, Unyte-iLs advisor, and renowned Polyvagal-informed clinician (a total value of $349). Taking place on August 25 at 2:00 p.m. ET, this session will focus on successfully integrating Polyvagal Theory and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) into your practice.

Purchase SSP Training and Certification for $249 and secure your seat at an exclusive and interactive Q&A with Deb Dana, LCSW (a total value of $349).
This offers is available until August 24, 2021. 

You will receive details about attending the live Q&A session in your purchase confirmation email. 

About the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the SSP is a five-hour auditory intervention designed to empower clinicians to more efficiently and effectively help their clients reduce auditory sensitivity while enhancing autonomic regulation and social engagement.

The SSP employs a practical, bottom-up approach that can help shift the autonomic nervous system out of a state of defense, increasing social connection and, in turn, helping other therapies become more accessible and effective.


About Deb Dana, LCSW

As a clinician, consultant and author, Deb Dana specializes in addressing complex trauma specifically through a Polyvagal Theory lens. Exploring how Polyvagal Theory applies to relationships, mental health and trauma, she provides actionable clarity on implementing Polyvagal Theory in practice. Deb also helped to develop the SSP Training program and is an expert on clinical SSP integration.

About SSP Training

A variety of licensed mental and physical health professionals can integrate the SSP in their practice with positive outcomes. The training is available online and on-demand. Upon registration, you’ll gain unlimited access to the course material as well as subsequent additions, and can complete the training at your own pace. 

There are two courses included in the training:

  1. Foundational SSP Certification (required for subscription): 3-5 hours to complete
  2. Remote SSP Facilitation (recommended): 7-8 hours to complete

The Foundational SSP Certification course includes three sections:

  • Part I: Understanding the science behind the SSP, includes instruction on Polyvagal Theory, the neural network associated with listening, the face-heart connection, research and clinical trials.
  • Part II: Delivering the SSP includes training in safety and co-regulation, listening progression, special precautions, and the SSP Pathways
  • Part III: Integrating the SSP supports clinical delivery for unique disciplines and modalities, and prepares providers for integration with their practice.

The Remote SSP Certification course includes four webinars:

  • Anchoring in Ventral with DebDana, LCSW
  • Autonomic Mapping with Deb Dana, LCSW
  • Remote SSP for Adults and Adolescents with Liz Charles, MD
  • Remote SSP for Children and Families with Tracy Stackhouse, OTR/L

Training modules each have a breadth of support resources and tools including:

  • Videos from Dr. Porges, Deb Dana, and other skilled clinicians working with diverse populations
  • Strategies for integrating the SSP with other therapeutic modalities
  • Case studies and quizzes
  • SSP delivery manuals
    • A Polyvagal Informed Guide to Delivering SSP to Those Who Experience the Effects of Trauma
    • Delivering SSP to Children and Adolescents
    • Remote Delivery Guidelines

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Foundational SSP Certificate and Remote SSP Certificate, and will be eligible to purchase an SSP subscription, enabling you to begin using this powerful tool with your clients.

Please note that the SSP Training does not include a subscription for the SSP. You can learn more about subscription offerings here.

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