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Introductory Videos for Individuals & Families


This 7-minute video introduces individuals and families to how iLs is used to address learning difficulties.


This 7-minute video introduces individuals and families to how iLs is used by those on the autism spectrum.

Webinar for Clinical Use

This 60-minute recorded webinar is intended as an introduction for clinicians who are interested in using iLs in their clinic or professional setting.

Topics covered include:

  • Neurological basis for combining an auditory program with vestibular and visual exercises
  • Review of supporting research studies and data
  • Populations most likely to benefit from iLs
  • Introduction to iLs equipment, program structure and costs
  • Q&A

*Watching the archived version of the webinar does not grant CEUs.

Webinar for Educators

Hear from experts using iLs in schools.

This 30-minute recorded webinar explains how to implement iLs in a school setting. We will review the Student Focus System, with sessions that fit into the school day, how iLs addresses the needs of students in the classroom.

iLs in Action

Visit our video page to see how iLs looks in practice.

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