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Professional Training

All courses are designed for professionals working with children and adults in the areas of learning & attention difficulties, sensory integration, auditory processing and the autism spectrum.

iLs training is for certified professionals and assistants in the following disciplines:

Speech and Language Therapy, Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Education, Medicine & Nursing, Psychology, Psychiatry, Counseling, ADHD Coaching, Applied Behavioral Analysis, DIR Floortime, RDI, Neurofeedback Therapy, Naturopathy, Athletic Training, Other areas of Therapy and Health Care

Which Training is Right for You?

Getting Started

Practitioner Training for implementing iLs in clinics and facilities; live and online. (en Español)

Course Prerequisite: Clinical/Educational Degree

The Practitioner Training prepares professionals with theoretical and hands-on training in iLs methodology and equipment. The course focuses on integrating iLs with your goals and practice (clinical or educational), as well as customizing the iLs Focus Series for unique client needs.

  • School Program Training  for implementing iLs in school and educational settings (web-based)
    • Course Prerequisite: Educational/Clinical DegreeThe School Program Training is specific for using iLs and the Student Focus in school and educational settings. iLs helps students of all levels become better learners by developing the foundation for learning, i.e. those brain-based systems related to memory, attention, processing and expression.
  • Advanced Practitioner Training  – advanced professional course; pre-requisite is Practitioner Training Training Certification
    • Course Prerequisite: Practitioner Training Certification & use of iLs Total Focus System for six monthsThe Advanced Practitioner Training prepares professionals to use the full breadth of ils equipment, including creating original, individualized programs on the iLs Pro system. Both Pro and Focus Series systems can be customized for client needs. The Pro has higher bone conduction output, higher frequency filtration and customizable right/left ear training.
  • Student Focus Training – professional web-based course for iLs Associates to learn how to use the Student Focus System
    • Course Prerequisite: Practitioner Training/Distance Practitioner TrainingThis one-hour course covers the use of the Student Focus for those who are already using the Total Focus System.  Program structure, system implementation and best practices for using iLs in the school day will all be covered.
  • iLs Portal Training – how to use the iLs Portal
    • This 30-minute webinar trains iLs Associates on the use of the iLs Portal, The Measure of Foundational Abilities (MFA), and iLs Program Tracking on an individual and aggregate data level.
  • Interactive Language Program Training – application of the Interactive Language Program
    • Course Prerequisite: Clinical/Educational DegreeThe VoicePro with Interactive Language Activities Training is a 90-min online course that provides an in-depth look at the iLs Interactive Language Program (ILP), including how to use the equipment and how to integrate the ILP with iLs Focus Series and iLs Pro programs.
  • Autism Specialist Training – application of iLs for autism spectrum disorders
    • Course Prerequisite: Clinical/Educational DegreeThe iLs Applications for Autism Specialists is a 2-hour interactive webinar-based training. It is for professionals working with children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The goal is to provide more specific instruction and guidance to those who are using iLs with this population.
  • Professional Home Program Training – professional application of the Home Program with available rental equipment
    • Course Prerequisite: Practitioner Training CertificationHome programs require organization and compliance.  This 20-minute on-demand webinar for professionals focuses on tools and techniques for overseeing your clients’ home use; it is a pre-requisite for joining the iLs Home Program. For iLs Associates ONLY. Parent information can be found here.
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