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We are requesting stories about clients who have completed the SSP that we can use for marketing and training purposes.  These will be published on our website and used in training materials. Some stories will also be selected for a new book of SSP case studies and analyses we are working on with Dr. Porges.  For purposes of the book, specific cases will not be attributed to individual therapists but you will be acknowledged as a contributor.

Case Story Components

  1. Completion of the SSP program
  2. Well-described clinical observations detailing the client’s condition before and after the intervention
  3. Description of changes in client’s condition resulting from the SSP and/or other clinical dimensions to the case that could be instructive for other SSP providers
  4. Qualitative feedback from client, family member, teacher, or peers
  5. Videos or photographs, if possible

Video/Photo Tips

  1. Videos and/or photos should demonstrate obvious change in at least one therapeutic objective.  This will be best demonstrated with a video/photo from both before and after the SSP.
  2. Sound and video quality should be as clear as possible.
  3. Horizontal orientation for photos and videos is preferable.
  4. Include an iLs Videotape/Photo Release Form (see below).


If you have any questions, please let us know.  We’ve included a Case Report Form below.


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