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What is included in my subscription?


  • Full suite of enhanced SSP Programs – all 3 Pathways (SSP Connect, SSP Core, SSP Balance)
  • Child and Adult Programs
  • MyUnyte Dashboard
  • SSP Resources in MyUnyte
  • Client history for all client users
  • Access to all future updates and improvements
  • Five (5) active clients per month (when new pricing takes effect)
What is the new monthly pricing for an SSP subscription?

 You have three options for a subscription:

  • Annual commitment – $139/month
  • 3-month commitment – $169/month
  • Month-to-Month –  $199/month

With the additional pathways of SSP Connect and SSP Balance, you will find new ways to use the SSP with every client.The additional user fee above your first five users is $10/user per month.

Is there a discount if I pay the 12-month subscription upfront?

Yes! You can pay upfront for 12 months for $1495 – a savings of $173 or 10%.

When will the new pricing take effect for my subscription?

January 1, 2021 or once your current term is complete, whichever is later.

When my price changes, what if I have more than five (5) active users within a month?

With the additional pathways of SSP Connect and SSP Balance, you will find new ways to use the SSP with every client.  The additional user fee above your first five users is $10/user per month.

How do you define an ‘active user’?

Any client who listens for 30 minutes or more within a calendar month is considered ‘active’ in that month.

I have multiple subscriptions. Do I pay the new fee for each one?

Only if you keep the equipment.  With digital SSP, you can work with as many clients as you would like with one subscription.

My subscription started long ago. How long will I maintain my pricing?

We will use the month of your initial subscription to determine your starting point.  Your pricing will expire when that term is complete.  You may commit to a year now and lock in current pricing for a full year from now.

I’d like to commit to a year today - can I do that?

Yes!  We encourage our current users to commit to a 12-month plan to lock-in our lower price.  If you commit now, your subscription price is locked in for a year, and you receive all of the new features!

My current subscription does not count users. Will I now be charged per-user?

No! Through your current term (or through 12/31/20) there will be no per-user charge.  The charge on active users is effective with the new pricing.

What are my options for short-term use?

We offer a Month-to-Month trial subscription that can be used for short-term applications.

Will there be a way to keep track of my active clients within a month?

Yes, your MyUnyte dashboard will indicate your current number of active users within each month.

Is there a trial for the SSP?

The best way to trial the SSP is to purchase a month-to-month subscription. We are considering other options for trial and will update the community when they become available.

What’s the cost of the app for my clients?

There is no cost for your client to download the app from the Apple/Google stores. Your client would need an active account to do the protocol with you, which would be granted by you from your active subscription.  As a Provider, you manage your clients’ access to the SSP within the MyUnyte dashboard.

As a provider, how much should I charge to deliver the SSP?

Most providers charge between $300-400 for SSP facilitation; however, it does vary from provider to provider, and the overall range is broader. You should charge what you feel is reasonable for your clients and your practice. With digital SSP and its three pathways of SSP Connect, SSP Core and SSP Balance, you will find many new ways to use the SSP with your clients on an ongoing or longer-term basis. Our Financial Calculator is a valuable tool to use as you consider this question.

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