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iLs guarantees satisfaction with the performance of our equipment and our programs. Based on consistently strong results in the areas of learning, attention and processing, we are proud to guarantee the cost of equipment to schools and clinics implementing iLs programs. iLs will refund direct costs of the equipment to those who are not satisfied with the performance of our programs or our equipment.

Guarantee (Return Policy) Terms

  1. Because of the diverse compliance inherent to home programs, this guarantee applies to schools and clinics only.
  2. The guarantee applies solely to customer satisfaction with regard to program efficacy and equipment durability.
  3. A complete iLs program must be done with a minimum of three clients/students who fit our standard profile* before assessing the effectiveness of the program for promoting positive change.  iLs requests program schedules for all three clients/students be presented showing compliance frequency (3-5 times per week) and the completion of an entire program.
  4. The guarantee is not intended to imply nor make any claim of treatment or cure with regard to any medical, psychological or behavioral condition.
  5. iLs requests reasonable communication with iLs if there are concerns during the program.
  6. The guarantee is valid for one year from the purchase date.
*Standard profile is for learning, attention and processing challenges as well as challenges faced by those on the spectrum.
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