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For those who purchased the pre-loaded MP3 player with the Dreampad

POWER ON: Press the HOLD/PWR/OPTION button for three seconds (#6).

NAVIGATION: Use the navigation buttons to navigate the player menu (#7).

PLAY/PAUSE, SELECT: Use to enter selections on the player (#2).

CHOOSE MUSIC: Select “Playlist” from the main menu, select your program, press play.

VOLUME: Use the UP/DOWN controls while song is playing to increase or decrease
volume level respectively (#7).

HOLD: While the music is playing, hold the PWR/HOLD/OPTION button down for three
seconds (#6). When the Hold function is turned on, all controls are disabled to ensure the volume and track selection are not disturbed. To disable the Hold function, hold the PWR/HOLD/OPTION button down for three seconds (#6).

OFF: Pause the music by pressing the PLAY/PAUSE, SELECT Button, then hold the PWR/HOLD/OPTION button (#6) for three seconds.

REPEAT MODE: While a song is playing, press the Option button (#6). Select “Play Mode”, “Repeat”. In Repeat mode the music will play continuously until stopped by the user.

RESET: If your player is not functioning properly, press the reset button on the
rear of the player (#8).

Sony PlayerCONTROLS:
3. Audio Jack for Dreampad plug
4. Charging Port
5. Display
8. Reset Button (on rear of player)

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