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Alissa KotranzaAssistant in Administration and Education

    With the company since: July 2017

    Alissa is responsible for assisting customers and associates, as well as, general tech support and troubleshooting. She provides support for our sales team, and works directly with the training and education team in creating and organizing training materials. iLs accomplishes amazing work, and she’s grateful to be a part of this company!



    Where were you born: Tampa, FL

    Random fact about you: I’ve been a professional singer and performer since I was 10! Also I can lick my elbows.

    Favorite book or movie: Books were my friends when I was a kid, even though I did – contrary to the lead-in – have friends. I can’t choose. As for movies… the majority of them severely disappoint me. Oh, it passed the Bechdel test? Please.

    Chicken or egg: It is my firm belief that this does not matter. What does matter is that peanut butter is good on both of them.

    If you had a super power, what would it be and why: I’m really partial to the whole Phoenix thing… but technically, Storm and Mystique both have it goin’ on, too. I think my ideal superpower would be a combo of natural abilities; I don’t mean human-wise, I mean nature-wise. I would like to be able to turn into nature. Grow trees. Create a thunderstorm. Tip off an avalanche. Shift tectonic plates. Become a rookery or a herd or a litter or a swarm. Ooh, and redirect hurricanes.

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