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Catherine Lidov, MSW, LCSW

Trauma and the Treatment Relationship

    Catherine Lidov, MSW, LCSW, provides individual psychotherapy for people of all ages, with a primary focus on EMDR therapy and the treatment of complex trauma, in Durham, North Carolina. Her approach as a therapist has evolved over nearly 30 years of working with individuals with complex trauma and now integrates EMDR therapy, somatic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, ego-state work, psychodynamic theory, play therapy (with children), and creative process. She provides individual and group consultation to EMDR therapists and trauma therapists generally, and she provides advanced trainings in EMDR therapy and trauma for trauma-focused psychotherapists nationally. Currently in private practice, she has also worked in secondary education, school counseling, community mental health, and the arts. Catherine has been an Associate with Integrated Listening Systems since 2015, integrating both the Total Focus programs and the SSP with her psychotherapy practice.

    SSP Gathering Talk: “Trauma and the Treatment Relationship”

    Traumatic experiences reorganize the nervous system, creating persistent defensive states that impair the individual’s capacities for social engagement and dyadic regulation. This impaired capacity impacts the therapeutic relationship just as it does other relationships.  Even greater challenge occurs when relational trauma transforms the signals of social engagement into cues of danger. Taking a wide range of therapeutic modalities into account, we will explore how the SSP can facilitate treatment both by shifting autonomic tone and by creating an opening that makes it possible for our relationally damaged clients to use the therapeutic relationship to greater benefit.

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