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Emily Beaudoin

Senior Client Success Consultant

    Transforming lives with Unyte since: February 2019

    Front line experience: I am a Social Worker by trade with a psychology degree, emphasis in Child Development, from the University of Texas at Tyler and driven by the desire to help those in need. I have been fortunate to work in diverse roles related to Community Mental Health, Substance Abuse Disorders and Family Reunification, Acute Grief and Crisis Management, Housing for Adults with Disabilities in Oklahoma and Colorado.

    I believe in a holistic approach to helping our clients live happier lives, and I strive to always be consultative and collaborative.

    Helping you thrive: I practice and wholeheartedly believe in Holistic Healing and Healthcare.  As a social worker I work from a very straight-forward yet Strengths Based Approach with an understanding of how systems at large effect individuals in profound ways. 

    Keeps me going / Warms my heart: I had the opportunity to do a little Direct Service with our products alongside Tim, our other Specialty Programs Consultant this past summer. At the end of our sessions with a particular family, a client gifted me her Post Program Self Portrait, along with another drawing of a Pokemon we had bonded over! She had shown such improvement and made remarkable progress with her relationships with her family and school performance. I keep that artwork to remind me why I do what I do. 

    Words to live by / Favorite inspiring quote: “As Human Beings, our role in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us is.”- Mr. Rogers

    Personal interests / for fun / in my spare time: I have a 9-year-old miniature dachshund named Lucy who is my travel buddy! We love to explore new places, hike, and experience various kinds of art and music along the way. 

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