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Jean Loth, B. Ap. Sc. (OT)

    Ms. Loth is an Occupational Therapist. She has been in Private Practice with children for 18 years. Prior to having her own children she worked in adult rehabilitation. This experience gave her the knowledge of how resilient and complex the human brain and human spirit is and how rewarding it was to facilitate recovery post trauma.

    *Ms. Baker and Ms. Loth created Sound for Life in 2008. Initially their focus was the clinic based Unyte program for children. They later ran a Unyte program trial within a school, and as a result had five Focus 200s operating within the school. The success they were experiencing with children prompted them to run a trial Seniors program in 2013.

    The presentation of their Seniors project will cover the pre and post assessment and the treatment process they used with their clinic based and home based clients. They look forward to a discussion afterwards regarding their method and outcomes with other practitioners who have worked with adults and seniors and to explore the potential of Unyte with adults.

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