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Randall Redfield

Co-Founder, Advisor

    With the company since inception.

    Roles and job descriptions at Unyte are dynamic. Our staff are used to wearing many hats and I think they’ve developed a flexibility which helps keep us nimble as a company. We currently have a team that I’m really proud of – the best collection of talent and skills I’ve ever worked with. When we launched Unyte in 2007, there was no blueprint to follow; it was the first time music and movement had been systematically combined as a therapeutic program. We had to be flexible and figure it out as we went. Now, with the new line of Dreampads that help with stress and sleep, again we’re doing something new and re-arranging our team to make it successful. For me, that’s been a main source of the excitement and joy through these Unyte years: we’re affecting people’s lives in very real ways, and every day we experience the luxury of putting our creativity toward methods and products which are cutting-edge.

    randallFun facts about Randall

    Where were you born: Glen Cove, Long Island, NY

    Random fact about you: I won a CBS Murphy Brown scriptwriting contest in graduate school and almost moved to LA to become a scriptwriter.

    Favorite book: The Idiot by Dostoyevsky

    If you had a super power, what would it be and why: Bi-locating would be a nice talent to have as it would solve a lot of problems for me.  I could be out on a hike or riding my bike while I’m in meetings.

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