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We have a lot of exciting things happening throughout the year!

Here is what we are up to, so you can join us!


Events we’re attending

Here we will have those with links.

International trainings

9/8/2017 – Advanced Training in Denmark

Research in progress


SSP system

Children with a trauma history. Funded by the Australian Childhood Foundation.

People with ADD who have difficulties with autonomic and/or behavioral regulation. In cooperation with: ADD Centre and Biofeedback Institute of Toronto.

Emotionally disturbed and learning-challenged young people who have difficulties with autonomic and/or behavioral regulation. Funded by the Reiss-Davis Child Study Center of Vista Del Mar, California.

Decreasing the atypical features of the Social Engagement System in adolescents with Prader Willi Syndrome. In cooperation with the Latham Centers School in Brewster, Massachusetts.

Reducing chronic pain in a sample of older adults. In cooperation with the Meadowood Retirement Community in Bloomington, Indiana.

New offerings

Focus Series

Focus system

New Focus 30 – don’t have the time to fit in an hour-long session? Break it up into two with Focus 30. The Focus 30 provides all iLs programs in 30-minute sessions.


iLs in the Press

Dreampad is featured on Shark Tank – Season 9 Episode 8

Dreampad in Chicago Tribune

Dreampad in Inc.

Dreampad in MindBodyGreen



And, as always, we have a lot of trainings lined up, so you can continue your professional education and enhance your practice.

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