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It lets us know how we’re doing and helps spread the word. If you are a past customer, please take a moment and leave a review. If you’re still considering Integrated Listening Systems, please read some reviews our customers have left for us.

  • My 5-year-old son LOVES his Dreampad! We have noticed a decrease in his auditory sensitivity since we started using the Dreampad. He used to refuse to use public toilets because they are so loud. Today he barely notices.

    Lisa Klostermann
  • I have recently become aware of iLs and the Dreampad.  It is truly amazing to see how helpful it is for my daughter, who is smack in the middle of the angst of high school.

    M.L., Ph.D., Performance Consultant, ADD Remediation
  • The Dreampad has helped my son fall asleep faster, sleep more sound and wake up happier each morning. He has learned to turn it on himself and makes sure that it is on each night. It is comfortable and the sound is nicely adjustable for his comfort.

    Stephanie Blackwell
  • I am an OT. I am trialing the Dreampad with a 6-year-old who was taking 45 minutes to one hour to fall asleep. He is generally falling asleep now within 20-30 minutes. THANK YOU.

    Barbara Marshall
  • I ordered the Dreampad as a Christmas present to myself, and after 2 nights noticed significant improvements in quality of sleep, relaxation, energy, and well-being.

    P. Olivier
  • I run a small clinic and have quite a few clients with sleep and anxiety issues. The Dreampad has helped tremendously with prep for in clinic therapy as well as addressing sleep issues interfering with cooperation and performance. Have seen some amazing results.

    Darlene Boudreaux
  • Pretty amazing device… I had used CDs for years but this is another level, I fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

    Bill Walton, parent
  • I tried the Dreampad and found that I don’t like music when I am going to sleep, even though it is pretty relaxing.  I was about to return it for a refund when my wife tried it. She loves it, uses it every night. Now I have to get one for our daughter.

    C. Laughton
  • The Dreampad has consistently improved the sleep of every patient who has used it. There has also been symptom reduction in patients suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression and various childhood disorders. The Dreampad is easy to use and convenient as its thin profile fits into a suitcase for travel. The new lower price makes it more affordable for my patients.

    Dr. Craig Weiss, Psychologist
  • I purchased the Dreampad for my 11 year old with sensory issues. It has made a drastic difference in how she sleeps (no more night terrors) and she is waking up easier. She calls it her music pillow. We have been using it for about a month now and do believe it is worth the cost. - Tonya Ainsworth

    Tonya Ainsworth
  • Thank you for this product. I had a head injury 14 years ago from a car crash and I’ve had difficulty sleeping since then, until using the Dreampad. From my first night trying it, I have been sleeping really well, many nights not waking up at all. Wish I’d had this a decade ago!

    Carla Rothstein
  • I am a finnicky sleeper, have my own down pillow which I travel with and I couldn’t get used to the different feeling of the Dreampad. So I put it under my regular pillow and it works great. The music vibration carries through and I can hear it well. I set it to play through the night and when I wake up it puts me back to sleep. Thanks!

    J. L. Price
  • I just posted this in every SPD and Anxiety group I follow. Couldn’t help but share our rave review with you guys. Thanks for a great, if surprising, product!! My son J (9-year old) has sensory and anxiety issues, and has frequent sleeping problems including going to sleep, staying asleep, sleeping in his bed, waking grouchy. Since using the Dreampad, J has slept in his own bed every night but one despite starting a new school. He is going to sleep faster, sleeping more deeply and staying asleep. Waking grouchy has decreased, but needing more time to wake up has increased. He has said the Dreampad really helps him relax, but he has never felt the immediate need to pee first thing when wakes up like he does now!! Not sure if it is a coincidence or an effect of sleeping more deeply, but I’ll TAKE it! I consider it a well-spent $179!

  • So we got the pillow Saturday morning and tried it out for nap. OMG he was asleep in like10 mins.  I thought maybe it was a fluke, so tried it for bedtime. Same thing! Then for nap on Sunday. We didn’t even have to lie down with him.  You have no idea how much this has helped us. It would normally  take him over an hour to fall asleep, and I had to lie down with him for every nap and bedtime. He has never ever fallen asleep without me next to him. I am so thankful for this.

    Stevie A.
  • In her final few years of elementary, my daughter started having trouble unwinding at the end of the day. It was taking her way too long to fall asleep. We knew that sleep was so important for children who were entering their pre teen years, so we really worked hard to find a way to encourage good sleep habits. Ironically, we didn't need to work that hard, we just needed Dreampad in our lives. Thankfully, we found it.  Her worries are still there right before she puts her head down at night, but now when her head hits the pillow, they all just seem to fade away. No longer is she having trouble unwinding at night. Thanks, Dreampad for changing our daughter's life.

    Marcus, HS Principal
  • My daughter sometimes has a hard time to get to sleep, with lots of tossing and turning during the sleep, even nightmares... She started using the Dreampad just last night and it looks great, as she fell asleep right after mumbling "this is so beautiful mmm..."

    S.Y., Therapist and Parent
  • Our OT recommended the dream pad and we got it. Worth every penny! It was truly a game changer for our son. He is more focused, has less impulsivity and definitely more regulated overall. It makes going to sleep a breeze now! If he is struggling to go down, we put it on right away and he loves his "music pillow."

    Katelyn M. Parent
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