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The VoiceProTM is an exciting and unique tool designed to help children and adults improve various auditory processing skills such as phonemic awareness, auditory memory, auditory figure ground and dichotic listening.

  • improves carry-over by integrating speech with functional movement
  • includes auditory processing exercises, such as AFG, dichotic listening and filtered words
  • provides direct auditory feedback while practicing fluency shaping techniques
  • enhances social communication and pragmatic language therapy

The VoicePro allows a new approach to articulation, fluency, auditory processing, social communication.

Air/bone conduction headphones with built-in microphone allow for movement during functional language training and the direct voice/ear feedback loop amplifies voice, promotes and improves auditory processing.

VoiceProTM Equipment

Included Components:

  • iPod Touch loaded with language activities
    • Built‐in video camera for pre/post video recording
    • Built‐in audio for recording voice changes
  • iLs VoicePro Amplifier
  • Air/bone conduction headphones with built-in microphone and 15-foot cable
  • Air conduction monitoring headphones with built-in microphone (for instructor)
VoicePro System

If you are using the Interactive Language System or Activities:

  • The VoicePro Amplifier and headsets will work with your existing iPod and the loaded activities
  • VoicePro headsets have a new conductor to support the microphone and only function with the new amplifier

User Feedback

In my first year of using iLs, I had 54 students complete the program. All of them showed improvement, and 80% met their goals of ‘age appropriate skills’ on the assessment tools in 15 sessions.

Christa Reeves, AuD

The VoicePro is a tremendous asset to our practice. . . with the amplification of the air/bone conduction headsets we see improved articulation, attention and self-correction, as well as better social engagement.

Andrea Pointer, SLP

I am loving the new system! I have found myself using it with almost all of my clients, even if they are not on an iLs program. The sound quality and built-in mic are so much better, and it is easier to use…not to mention I am getting some great attention from the clients using it!

Leah Barter, M.Aud

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