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Bottom-up, Multisensory Listening Therapy Programs For Your Practice

Nervous system regulation for improved well-being

Unyte’s listening therapy solutions integrate with other modalities or can stand alone to support patients in-person or remotely in a range of therapeutic approaches including: occupational therapy, psychotherapy, trauma and addiction counseling, ASD, ADHD, speech language, physical therapy, education, and school counseling.

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

An auditory intervention developed by Dr. Stephen Porges to restore the nervous system, reduce stress and auditory sensitivity and enhance social engagement and resilience.

The SSP targets the vagus nerve through specially filtered music, making it non-invasive and accessible for clients. This program has been successfully applied as a listening therapy to treat patients experiencing difficulties with emotional control, behavioural organization, and hearing and auditory sensitivities.

The SSP is an adjunct therapy meant to be used in combination with and enhance existing treatment programs. Once patients are able to enter a regulated state of safety and calm by listening to the treated music served by the SSP, they become more receptive to other effective therapies.

This program can be administered in-person or remotely through our digital delivery platform, MyUnyte. 

Focus System

Our Focus System combines auditory, balance, and movement activities to create a foundation for learning, attention, processing and behavior.

This system is commonly used by mental health professionals to treat patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, or those experiencing issues with learning and attention.

The key to the Focus System’s success lies in the concept of neuroplasticity – the idea that we can rewire the neural pathways in the brain through specific and repeated stimulation. 

Training and Certifications

The Safe and Sound Protocol and Focus System require training and certification to be administered effectively. Our certifications for mental health professionals with backgrounds in therapy, education, medicine or psychology can be completed online and at your own pace in 3-5 hours.

Evidence-based Programs for Nervous System Regulation and Improved Well-being

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