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Therapeutic Listening Programs That Are Better Together: The Safe and Sound Protocol and Focus System

The SSP and Focus System are two of Unyte’s leading multisensory relationship-based programs to help guide every person to train their nervous system to be more regulated and resilient in daily life.

While professionals and their clients have traditionally leveraged the SSP or Focus System independently, recent insights from healthcare professionals and their clients have suggested that there is true strength and power for building a strong foundation for function and accelerating lasting change by pairing them together.

Video: OT & Trauma and the SSP + Focus System

Help clients feel better, think better and connect better.

Through Neuroplasticity our brain and body connection becomes more organized, and we better process the world around us. We can learn how to:


Connect Better
Build positive social relationships. Develop relationships and truly connect with others.


Feel Better
Respond effectively to life’s challenges. “Respond vs. react”, replacing emotionally-charged reactivity with controlled responsiveness and resilience.


Do Better
Access higher learning and cognition. Learn and retain important facts and concepts that enable greater confidence and societal contribution.

Function starts with the nervous system

Leverage the combined power and benefits of the SSP and Focus System that are two of Unyte’s leading multisensory programs helping to transform the lives of children, youth and adults around the world.

Safe and Sound Protocol: Reset, regulate and ready the nervous system

  • Nurture trust from the start with a non-intrusive bottom-up approach to help facilitate an environment of safety and co-regulation.
  • An invitation to regulate and open up the neural pathways with a multisensory listening program to prepare for deeper work and higher level executive functioning.
  • Extend your relationship and sessions across both clinic and remote environments through an app-based digital platform.
  • Maximize session time in a regulated state and lay the groundwork for other therapies.

Focus System: Organize, and build skills in sensory motor, attention, and auditory processing

  • Picks up where SSP leaves off by doing the hard work to improve fine gross motor and higher-level executive and cognitive functioning.
  • Improve brain and body function and organization through simultaneous sound and movement.  
  • Bone conduction helps facilitate emotional regulation and sense of ‘grounding’ that encourages more focused body coordination and learning.
  • Accelerate and achieve longer lasting benefits and improved confidence.
  • Maximize session and personal effort by engaging clients both in-clinic and independently (guided with support)

Case Study: Combining the Safe and Sound Protocol and Integrated Listening System helps anxious teen boost confidence, resilience and self-regulation

Ren is neurodivergent and struggles to see any positives in his neurotype, which affects his self-esteem and social confidence. Within weeks of completing both the Integrated Listening System’s Optimal Performance I program and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), Ren applied and interviewed for college. A few months later, he began attending college full-time, made and sustained friendships, and independently initiated a career in voice acting.

The nervous system, neuroplasticity, and Polyvagal Theory

Scientific advancements have helped us better understand how the nervous system and brain work and have given us greater insight into what’s happening in the minds and bodies of those who struggle. The notion that the brain is able to change in response to stimulation, an ability known as “neuroplasticity,” is now so widely accepted it can be called fact.

Polyvagal Theory or the “science of feeling safe,” is another one of the key research advancements that helps us better understand our challenges and gives us a foundational framework for non-invasive ways to support them.

SSP Testimonial:
Ana do Valle, OTR, SEP

Ana do Valle is a sensory-based occupational therapist who combines the SSP with Somatic Experiencing in her trauma therapy with children and their families, as well as adults.

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