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Family & Individual Feedback

There’s no better compliment than a good review.

  • I have had characteristics of complex PTSD, as well as developmental issues due to isolation from 10 weeks to one year of age. As a teenager I once had the opportunity to swim in the ocean at Jones Beach near New York City. The tide was going out, and quickly I was a long way from land. I paddled frantically to keep my head above the rough water. Suddenly a hand placed itself under my belly and lifted me over the swell that I hadn't been able to reach and cross on my own. The lifeguard had seen me in danger and carried me to safety. I had the same experience of being saved by someone I didn't even know in June, 2019, when I put on special headphones and listened to a five-hour music program called the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) developed by Stephen Porges. I had never consciously felt the continuous panic that I'd lived with since infancy--but I noticed it as soon as I finished the SSP because suddenly it was gone. I didn't have to overeat. I could exercise rather than holding my body as still as possible. For the first time in nearly three decades I felt like a survivor looking back at long journey, not a victim without any way to escape. BENEFITS:

    • My thoracic diaphragm and the joint in the middle of my breastbone relaxed completely for the first time since my suffocation accident. Since then it has been easier to breathe, and the tension in those two areas has not returned.
    • I was able to adhere to the diet to bring my cholesterol down in a way that I couldn't before because the diet previously triggered a sense of danger, and now it doesn't.
    • I stopped feeling like I was an unknowable type of person and would always be alone. I went to a piano recital given by an acquaintance and he and everyone greeted me warmly.
    • Suddenly I could work continuously without becoming panicked every hour and needing to eat to calm myself.
    • I was able to cook for myself and exercise, activities that previously make me feel nervous and unsafe.
    • My concept of myself shifted from victim to survivor.

    Adult Client Testimonial
  • I have seen a complete shift in my son’s ability to control his emotions & avoid meltdowns. He is more receptive to re-direction and better grasps the consequences of his actions. He is more focused and less oppositional/argumentative. He is still his quirky self, but it is like this therapy has cleared the cobwebs, calmed and centered him more so that he can be more fully himself, as well as more comfortable and confident in his skin.

    Nick's Mother
  • We have tried so many other things with minimal help – we just never got to the core of the issue – the SSP got to the core.

    Amy R. Parent
  • As a family, we were rocked by our daughter'sPrader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) diagnosis at 5 weeks old. We promised ourselves we would do what ever possible to improve our daughter's quality of life. We continued to search supplements, therapies, alternative therapies, whatever we could find. In April of 2017, we found the Focus System and on May 1st our daughter Kaylee started her listening therapy. To say we were thrilled with the results would be an understatement. Our daughter who has gross motor delays began climbing up her swing set slide without falling. She started to pull herself up out of the pool instead of using the stairs. She also has incontinence at night. I am happy to say that she has woken up dry 16 out of the last 18 days. Five weeks into the program, she said that she was cold. She has never commented on her temperature and as with many children with PWS, she has difficulty regulating her temperature. On a particularly hot day when she was doing therapeutic horseback ridding, she told her instructor she was too hot. Her processing time has shortened. At her most recent parent/teacher conference, her math teacher was nearly bursting to tell us that she had solved a math problem in 8 seconds. We have noticed this at home as well. Our requests to her are done almost immediately as opposed to the 20 - 40 second lag time we used to see. Once she started the Focus System, we have not added in any new supplements, therapies or medicines. We are so pleased with the results thus far and eagerly await starting Kaylee on the Reading and Auditory Processing section!

    Monique G.
  • I really notice a difference in his speech.  A BIG DIFFERENCE.  He has always been sweet and kind, but now he seems much more aware of his surroundings and therefore is able to respond appropriately.  He thanked my mom for making dinner and told her it was delicious with no prompting.  He hugged the hostess at the restaurant that we have gone to every Sunday for the last 5 years...he always let her hug him but this is the first time he volunteered a real hug.  He also is more aware of people and is responding more appropriate times than he has in the past where he might say "I'm a ninja" instead of responding with "I'm good".

  • So grateful that the Focus System is always here. In my house. Ready when my son needs it. And the Focus System ALWAYS makes a difference and fills me with so much hope and excitement for my son's future. What the Focus System has given to my son is almost unexplainable--but what it gives a PARENT is hope. Hope that you never thought you'd feel or know as a parent. THANK YOU!!!

  • I can't believe last fall I had to distract E trying to keep the earphones on for only fifteen minutes and now he puts them on for a whole hour a day and can do the playbook and all the sewing cards, puzzles, beading and cutting calmly. He's changed so much!

    Susanne B. Parent
  • Since school has started back, she listens in the mornings before going to school. This was her choice and it is working very well. One thing I like about the program is that for the hour she is listening she is so calm. After the 15 mins of activity, she plays Legos/playdough, draws, paints, or challenges us to a game of Sorry or Checkers.

    Toni, parent
  • The Focus System is more than a mere tool that we use - it is now part of our support system.  We know we are not alone on our journey, and we are thankful that Unyte-iLs is working alongside us.

    Heather Mac, parent
  • We are doing great and enjoying the program. My son has experienced some pretty big growth since starting, a big one has been with his fear around water. At the beginning of the season he was terrified of being in water, even with a life jacket, and would cling to me. Very quickly his confidence increased and he was comfortable swimming around with his life jacket. As of last week he was so confident he wanted to swim without his life jacket and was able to. We are 34 sessions in.

    Bryn, parent
  • The new school year is better than ever before, especially in the mornings, which we have had trouble with for years. Jakeb is a different kid after the Focus System. I only wish we would have found it sooner. No crashing, no clumsiness, less shouting, less tics, and almost no meltdowns. My heart is soaring!!! We are thinking of renting to own to continue doing other programs. So grateful and have been telling everyone I know that could benefit from it to use it!!! So thrilled! And he is so much more confident as we praise him so often now for self control! Best thing that ever happened to us!

    Loren, parent
  • Some things I have noted and feel are due to the program are 1. The ability to go on amusement rides, 2.down slides in the playground, 3.coordinated to ride his bike 4.and scooter,5. almost fully potty trained, 6. Sleeping better at night, and so much more! I really feel my son has come full circle on a lot of issues we were having. With the help of his therapist and the use of this program, I feel he has grown so much. Thank you so much!!!

    Arisel, parent
  • He wakes up first and he often becomes restless and noisy, which disturbs his siblings. Now, he gets up quietly, asks for his headphones, and goes to the table to listen and do a quiet activity. It’s a big change.

    Selena, parent
  • Currently at 8 weeks of treatment, Mr. T is able to focus on single tasks for 30% longer than before. I can actually leave him unattended with a puzzle, coloring sheet, or activity to do laundry, dishes, etc. and when I return he is still on task.

    Lara, parent
  • Previously, Lorelai hated reading. OK, she's still not thrilled with it. Dyslexia is her enemy. But since beginning the Focus System, I have found reading books, which is something she never did before. Not only is she reading them, but she can narrate the stories back to me, which means she's processing the information!

    Michelle, parent
  • The Focus System never advertises itself as a magic cure for ADHD and SPD, and it’s not. Instead, the program is designed to be used continuously over several weeks, gradually helping clients improve focus, attention span, and self-control. I like that it’s part of an overall lifestyle change – one that we’ve really benefited from making.

    Selena, parent
  • This specific system has helped my teen feel more confident in addressing and improving his own challenges.  If the Focus system had no other benefit, that one reason would be worth using the system entirely!

    Heather Mac, parent
  • We just started the program and will continue to use it, with all of our kiddos, throughout the summer. I have to share that I am thoroughly impressed with the company’s customer service. Having a personal coach is fantastic!

    Cait, parent
  • I have been a homeschool educator for over 14 years and the Focus System has been wonderful for all three of my children. Honestly, I feel the Focus System is very beneficial to do as part of school day. It makes school so much easier afterwards. If the foundation for learning is not there you can’t do the rest of school or life; the Focus System helps build that foundation. A child may be struggling in school for reasons they should not have to be struggling. I feel people should use iLs as the first step before heavy duty school work because if other foundational skills are not in place they will not get as much from the learning. After using the Focus System a child can learn to their full potential. I recommend the Focus System to homeschoolers. It is nice to have a Focus System Practitioner/home coach to work with and to set up the program. My advice is to think of the Focus System as important as any subject or class, but it is not a flyby where you put it on and walk away. I did the activities with my daughter and found it to be a nice relationship building and it was very fun at times.

    Homeschool Mom in Michigan
  • Both my daughters were fortunate enough to use iLs this year. They have excelled in school and sports since they have completed their Focus System playlist. Together, with occupational therapy and the Focus System, their sensory issues have almost disappeared. The anxiety and emotions that used to take over lives has subsided. I call them 2.0 versions of themselves. So grateful to have this therapy for my girls. The staff was so helpful and accommodating as well. Thanks for the guidance and support!

    Staci Parent
  • Our son has completed the Focus System program and has been attending the after school/summer sessions. We have seen a lot of changes and progress in our son as a result of these combined programs. His nonverbal skills have improved and his verbal fluency continues to increase by leaps and bounds. He is learning to trust others which is shown by his willingness to take cues from others when he is uncertain about things. He enjoys accomplishing tasks with a partner and he also watches what other people/kids do and thereby incorporates more detail and challenges into the tasks he is doing.

    JT from Canada, parent
  • Steven is on #29 of the sensory program and wow, we are so excited with the progress!! The best way I can describe it is as if a fog has lifted from his head. I feel like we are getting to know the “real” Steven now and other people have even noticed he seems happier and just more in the moment. I had no idea of what to expect with this program but so far I am really impressed. So we are definitely continuing and I’ll keep you updated as we go along.

    CK from Maryland, parent
  • I wanted to give you an update on our progress using the Focus System at home, my daughter (adopted, age 7, sensory and attention issues) does rhythmic gymnastics—it’s a very high energy sport and many low energy exercises won’t hold her interest. But her focus is ALWAYS off, which makes it difficult to teach her. However, yesterday after 5 Focus System sessions, her coach was simply amazed. She called me to ask what was different. She said she was completely focused, and when she got distracted was able to refocus immediately. Learned so much and was able to do so much more. Also, today she had a friend over, and was able to sit and play for two hours! Unheard of in the past. Something’s different, for sure.

    Barbara Adams from New Mexico, parent
  • Just wanted to let you know how things are going with my son (age 4, sensory processing challenges) using the Focus System system at home. Overall, it’s going very well. While he seems consistently a tad resistant to wearing the headphones at first, once we get them on him and start playing the music, he really seems to like it. The last couple sessions especially, he’s specifically stated that he’s really liked the music. He is also doing well with the 20 minutes of the movement exercises. We are also extremely pleased with the DreamPad. We’ve called his pillow now the “magic pillow” and he really likes listening to the music at night. So much so that he requests it pretty much every night.

    R.E. from Colorado, parent
  • I wanted to give you an update on “S.” Monday night he wore the headphones for about 50 minutes…then he came to me and said he was tired. However, after he took them off I asked him to do his chores (which he hadn’t done in the morning before school, or after school, or before dinner…multiple requests every time, but unless I personally go with him and stand over him, he just can’t seem to follow through). Anyway, he returned in about 10 minutes and said they were done and to come see. I was shocked! He really had done them and had done them right. Then I asked him to go shower and brush his teeth. He did it! I was so thrilled to see him actually follow through. “S” has done the listening every day. He listens 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes after school, and he’s been so much more focused and attentive. He’s always been such a sweet kid, so to actually see him be more calm and engaged has been so exciting. It’s really such a little thing, but a BIG thing at the same time. He’s always tried really hard, but listening and following directions this week has just been easier for him…not the same struggle.

  • 7th Grade Boy with ADHD, written by classroom aide. K will do lesson 15 tomorrow of the Sensory Program. You wouldn’t believe the changes already! As I mentioned to you before, he is so much faster at telling a story. It used to take him forever to decide what he wanted to say and if he got lost he would have to start all over again. Now he is interactive, can go from one subject to another and is getting better at talking while throwing the beanbags back and forth. He doesn’t always have to “stop to think.” He can now do word association while throwing or another activity. Four weeks ago, word association was impossible. His parents have noticed the differences. He is much more talkative now. I’ve heard that he will raise his hand at school and actually give the answer. He is such a neat kid. I told him yesterday that I wish I had his brain, and that he was going to do amazing things with it someday. He beamed!

  • I just wanted to say besides how much we love the Focus System and your products, your customer service rocks! Thank you for everything.

    AG from British Columbia, parent
  • "M" has been in speech therapy and occupational therapy since he was 20 months old, but at two years old, he had a vocabulary of approximately 15 simple words. When he was 2.5 years old, we introduced the Focus System program to his therapy repertoire and immediately saw results. Within 20 hours of listening to the program, “M” said his first new word in 9 months. At 36 months, M had a breakthrough and began communicating with us. In conjunction with speech, occupational and ABA therapy, the Focus System has been an instrumental alternative therapy in my son’s healing and success.

    Cathy Hong Parent
  • We are halfway through the Sensory Motor Program and seeing changes I thought are worth mentioning: My daughter was talking with her daddy the other day about some show they had in the gym at school. She said, “it was loud but, you know, I didn’t feel like crying.” Most of the time when they have some assembly in the gym it tears her all to pieces. She hates them. However, she did well with this one. Her teachers have commented about how she is associating with the kids better and is improving with her reading skills. Yes, we are seeing changes. I am so happy with the results.

    T, parent
  • We have done 9 OT sessions, 3 with the Focus System and 3-4 Focus System sessions at home. Before all this, she was on the go, difficult to carry a conversation with her, almost felt like large part of her was somewhere else. Now she is present, carries conversations to the end, and is connecting with other kids. We were being cautiously optimistic, but hearing other positive experiences is very encouraging. We are very lucky to have gotten the right help for our precious children! I am doing my best to spread the word around about SPD and treatments such as OT & the Focus System, there are many kids out there that need the help and parents/clinicians just don’t know.

    B, parent
  • My twins are now 6, and at 3 years of age we were given the diagnosis of severe (son) and moderate (daughter) autism. I have done all of the biomedical interventions that were safe and available, as well as the Focus System, for the past 2 years. My Focus System program has been 4 days a week at home and once a week in clinic (occupational therapy). Right now my daughter no longer has an IEP, speech, OT or ABA and is doing quite well in school. No one at her school even knows that she had a diagnosis of moderate autism 3 years ago. I credit a big part of her progress to the Focus System. My son is also doing quite well, he does still have his IEP but is now in a regular education classroom with an aid. Thank you all again for all of your hard work and research with this program, it has made a world of difference for my children.

    C.G., Parent
  • I forgot to mention our son’s response when I asked him if he is noticing any differences since starting the Focus System and he reported that the classroom noise doesn’t affect him nearly as much. He says he notices it but can now block it out. That is huge for him. The second thing he mentions is that writing is easier and more enjoyable. He told me that he can now see whole sentences in his mind’s eye and hold them there, where as before it was one word at a time and sometimes only one letter at a time. Big, big stuff. Thank you again.

  • My daughter is 2 weeks from completing the Focus System. It has been nothing short of miraculous for us. ADHD runs on BOTH sides of my families. She also has visual and auditory processing issues but only moderate. Her reading scores increased an entire grade level in just a few months. She is calmer too…It’s been a miracle for us! She loves the sessions and her therapist. They make it fun.

  • Hi – Yesterday we had our semi-annual visit with the autism doc. I typically have mixed emotions on the drive up there (about an hour). This time I was more than excited because we’ve seen a million “minor” improvements since starting iLs with our daughter last october. I had my list in hand! To paraphrase, the autism doc is now “very optimistic.” He’s not an excitable person, but I could tell how surprised he was at the progress that has been made since last November. He asked if we were still doing iLs and I said yes.  He asked if I thought it has made a difference and I said yes. That was the end of that part of the conversation. I’ve been waiting and waiting to see something ‘big’ as a result of the Focus System programs we’ve been doing for 7 months now.  In retrospect, we have seen something very big: a million little things that all add up to “big.”  Our daughter has very few, if any, sensory issues anymore. She came home from school the other day with a ponytail.  I never thought I’d see that happen as she’s almost 10 years old and just a few months ago finally let someone other than me cut her hair.  It took two months of work last spring to get her to wear a clip in her hair as a flower girl in a wedding. Our daughter is now taking spelling tests and getting 100% correct (granted they are modified to her level, but still).  She now recalls by name, 7 hours after we put her schedule together for the day, who is coming to ‘play’ with her after school. When we started the Focus System program, I expected to see some ‘big’ things happen.  All of these are little ‘big things’ and there are so many more!   We are happy with our little things because we know it isn’t an “overnight” process. I just overhead my husband ask her “Tomorrow is Saturday, where do we go on Saturday morning?” Her reply: “The bakery! of course!” So appreciative.

    Patty, parent
  • My ASD 23-month-old has been slowly introduced to the Focus System from his OT. Today he tolerated 1 to 2 minute intervals, about 10 to 12 trials, and what happened after his session was nothing short of amazing. He actually waved & said “Bye, bye,” in response to the OT after she said bye to him. He hasn’t waved or said bye bye since he was about 13 months old when he completely regressed. The OT just finished telling me that she experiences an increase in speech/language (among many other domains)! I am beyond myself right now and really need to learn more about this therapy because this is a HUGE success.

    KDG, parent
  • Just wanted to give you an update on my son. He has been doing the Focus System for about 4 months now for his ADHD and is almost done with the program. He’s really showing huge improvement. Last week he wrote a 2 page story about our dog – he wrote part of it at school and then when he went to bed he stayed up late to finish it up. His reading is also doing very well. He read me and my mother-in-law four short books for Kindergartners. While in the past he would have struggled to read every other word, he breezed through all 4 books and read them twice!

    KB, parent
  • Tomorrow we will do session 48 of the Sensory Motor. I wanted to share what I have seen and also what my husband and my dad have noticed in my son. We have noticed that he is more patient, he does not get upset as easily as before. He also is more affectionate, he says very nice things about me and hugs me, a lot more than he used to. One thing that amazes us is his coordination; he is able to bounce a ball more easily, also catching the racquetball with more ease. He plays along with siblings; he does not go by himself anymore. He also talks more and when he is told to be quiet or do not interrupt, he stops. That did not happen before. He had to read some facts for a state he had to research during holidays, and my husband had no trouble getting him to read and to write. He is beginning to improve in his attention and concentration. I am very happy with the changes I have seen. He is definitely a different boy. And the good thing is that he is noticing the changes. I am really looking forward to improve his attention with the other protocols. Thank you for all your help and I am glad that you wrote me.

    T, parent
  • I just wanted to give you an update on L and his Focus System program as promised. 🙂 L is about halfway through the sensory motor protocol. We took a break when school started up with all the adjustments. Since beginning the Focus System therapy, L has improved in every area he has struggled with. His occupational therapist, Joy K, reports a significant increase in his handwriting ability (focus, length of time attending to the handwriting, control and legibility). He is transitioning with cooperation from activity to activity. His general education teacher reports that L participates like all the other students in the classroom. He is academically on target. He is reading at grade level. His spelling test scores have been 85% or better this year. L has also scored 100% on 2 spelling tests this year. L has been able to make and keep friends this year!!!! He is happy!!!! At home, L has been sleeping better, cooperation has improved and I am having to tell him 1 or 2 times to complete specific tasks (like putting shoes on, or getting backpack), which prior to the Focus System would be constant battles. L comes home and initiates doing his homework. He is also now able to participate in martial arts. The Focus System has helped L tremendously. It has been such an important tool in our home not only for L but for my daughter and myself. Thanks, Dr. S, for introducing us to the Focus System. We look forward to more progress.

    L’ s mother
  • As we harried parents continue to pursue recovery for our children, it’s sometimes easy to forget to highlight the progress being made along the way. This hit me like a 2 x 4 the other day. Let me tell you why. Last year, when I would pick my son up from school, I would ask him, “How was your day?” This simple, benign question would usually be met with silence or a brief comment like, “I don’t know.” I would then go on to pepper him with questions that would usually leave both of us anxious and unsatisfied. Boy, how times have changed! These days, my son is a little chatter-box as soon as I pick him up from school. We’ve barely even strapped on our seat belts and I’m bombarded with details about the playground or upcoming school events or what happened that day in class or in the lunchroom. It’s like music to my ears. Just last week, my boy hopped in the car and started telling me about a fire drill that happened that day when he was in the library. I braced for the worst – expecting him to tell me that he ran screaming down the hall or had a meltdown that shook him up for the rest of the day. But you know what? He didn’t. Instead, he said to me, “And guess what, Mommy? It didn’t bother me at all like it used to. In fact, I didn’t even have to cover my ears.” Now, that is progress, my friends. And I have the Focus System to thank for that one. We’ve been following the unique listening and movement program from the Focus System for several months now, and apparently, it’s paying off in spades. With progress like this in our back pocket, it seems that achievement and success can’t be too far behind. Thank you Unyte!

    SL Perry, parent
  • I did the Focus System with my son this last year through our school. He has improved in motor, writing, sensory integration, fine motor skills, speech delay and self-esteem. He still has some attention issues but we’re so glad we did it. Great program!

    L.S. Byrd, parent
  • I wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU! Let me give you some background. My son is enrolled in a pre-school program. He has some learning delays, however has made some significant progress lately. My wife and I met with my son’s teachers last week because he has shown remarkable progress in the last 60 days. While we were discussing the success of my son’s education one of the teachers explained your product. There were 6 of us discussing my son. We were all asking ourselves why his learning has escalated so rapidly in the last 60 days. We all agreed your product had a lot to do with it. We all believe your product is AWESOME!!! My son has responded so well and we contribute it to your product. While we were discussing how your product works I found out my son’s teacher had purchased your product with her own money. The school said they could not afford it. The teacher purchased it because she felt strongly about the effectiveness of your product. I am TRULY grateful for wonderful teachers such as this one. She decided to take my son’s education personally. That’s pretty rare these days. Our family is so very thankful for her efforts. Later we were told the school has decided to purchase another one of your products partly because of the outcome of my son. My family is very happy for other families that will benefit from this decision. Thanks again for developing this product. I am so grateful that my son is growing up in a technological era where he can receive the tools necessary to maximize his education. It’s unfortunate but there are children that are not receiving all the tools necessary to receive the education they need to maximize their opportunities in life. I wish every school had access to your product. Children would certainly benefit from it. The results have been outstanding.

    DT, parent
  • In response to NBC news story featuring the Focus System: I am so pleased to finally see this therapy and this company in the news. They offer much more than just music therapy – it is an integrated approach that combines music with movement. My daughter who has mild Auditory Processing and memory issues went through the 30-day program in Kindergarten and saw amazing results. In a matter of weeks, her academic performance skyrocketed – math scores quadrupled, reading scores more than doubled and she went from having difficulty writing her name to writing full paragraphs. Two years later, she is still at or above grade level in every area. I know it sounds too good to be true, but I saw it with my own eyes. I am grateful to Adams 12 schools for making it possible and to Integrated Listening Systems for helping my child succeed in and enjoy school!

    Adams 12 District (Colorado) mom
  • I am planning to visit the Special Ed Director for our school system in the next few weeks and present the data I have kept on my son, Mark, who is just completing the Focus System program. He is off all stimulant medication and doing well in class (first grade). His teacher says he is well behaved and he just completed benchmark testing…his scores were 100, 97, 94 and 80. I think I can safely say that he will never be on another ADHD stimulant medication again! Thank you so much for your therapy…your advice…your training…your time. You are making real differences in peoples’ lives. God bless you.

    SL, parent
  • Hi, My son – last night, in about an hour – wrote a whole 5 paragraph essay. He has never pumped out this much work at one sitting let alone without meds in his body. We are starting to see we can lower some of his med as well. He has gone through 30 sessions of the Reading Program on the Focus System... All good news! Just wanted to share. Many thanks, Unyte!

    RMG, parent
  • I am currently in my 14th week of listening, and probably started to feel changes by about the 3rd week, which was very exciting! I listen for 1 hour a day, usually 7 days a week, starting each session with the playbook exercises, and continuing with a regular routine of Extra Lesson movements, to complete the hour. Occasionally I have also listened while preparing dinner, or doing other household tasks, such as sweeping the floor, putting away the washing…Yes, even chores can be made more pleasant with the Focus System! The program has become somewhat addictive. The music is so pleasant, I always feel more relaxed at the end – energized, yet calmer at the same time. Another benefit is that I now regularly take time out for myself each day. Sometimes we mums forget that we need nurturing too! I have also noticed some changes in myself. I find that I am more comfortable being with other people, and more comfortable expressing myself verbally. This has led to increased confidence, and much greater enjoyment of social activities. When one has to concentrate to participate socially, it can become very tiring, and sometimes we can find it is easier to withdraw from the rest of our noisy world. The experience has been so amazing so far. Thank you to everyone who had the foresight to develop the Focus System program. I hope many more people are able to enjoy the benefits. I would also love to see it as part of the curriculum in schools.

    Rosalind, parent
  • I have spent a part of my day speaking with different professionals who are currently using the Focus System in their programs, and after talking with 6 different therapists have heard nothing but positive feedback. Congratulations to you all for doing such a fantastic job and truly helping so many children!!!

    A.S., parent
  • When our son Joseph was diagnosed with autism, we were crushed. Without losing a moment, we researched the web and found many resources for ourselves and for our son. After employing numerous solutions from nutritional supplements to dietary restrictions to neurological retraining exercises to behavioral modifications, we stumbled onto the Focus System. After Joseph’s first intensive, his receptive language increased dramatically as did the quality and quantity of his vocalizations. By his third booster, words started to pop out, his eye contact was perfect and he was now a listener! This program has been nothing short of miraculous for our family. It has returned our son to us and given him the ability to achieve his full human potential.

    S.R. Danton, parent
  • Our daughter Annie, age 9, was slow to develop and had learning problems from the beginning. She had always been in Special Ed, but thought we should try listening therapy as we had personal friends suggesting it. After just one month of sessions, we started noticing Annie’s changes. Her eye contact improved, she seemed to be more “with it” and her mood was generally improved. We thought it might just be temporary and were afraid to believe our hopes. In time we saw significant improvement in articulation, communication (both verbal and non-verbal), and balance and coordination. She has shown great progress in balance and rhythm. Over a year has passed since she completed the program and all of these changes have remained in place. This has changed our daughter’s life, and ours as well.

    J. Kauer, parent
  • To Whom It May Concern: I first heard about listening therapy in an interview with Dr. Minson on N.P.R. Radio. The program sounded intriguing, and by this time we were becoming more and more concerned for our son. He was having a really hard time in school, barely making any progress even in his highly modified special education classes. Conversations with our Fabian were either one way or non-existent. If we asked him a question, he would instead answer with a statement about dinosaurs, or whatever his current passionate interest was. Attempts to have back and forth conversations were never successful. He always played quietly by himself, engrossed in his artwork, Legos, movies or video games. He never chose to play with his siblings or the neighborhood children. Fabian was in the fourth grade when I heard about the Focus System listening therapy. The first month or so of treatment was really difficult for us. Squeezing frequent appointments into a large family’s busy schedule was really hard on everyone. And not seeing any immediate results made us ask each other over and over if we had wasted our scarce money. But then one day something happened. My son had a conversation with me! A real back and forth conversation! I was afraid to hope that we had made a breakthrough, but it began happening more and more. He had conversations with his father. He started talking and playing with his sisters. He started making friends, and having regular kid conversations with them, complete with laughter and bathroom jokes. It was like finally meeting our son after 12 years. We had always loved him, but now we could actually find out what was going on in his mind, and interact together like a family. I am a born skeptic, and only agreed to give iLs listening therapy a try out of a mother’s pure desperation to help her child. Our expectations were greatly exceeded. We highly recommend this program, and have not hesitated to recommend it to other families we have met with similar needs. Thank you.

    K. Avila, S. Avila, parents
  • I am an adult with ADD. I have spent a lifetime fighting an uphill battle with my learning disability and clinical depression. ADD caused me to feel deficient academically and professionally. Every aspect of my life was met with a sense of failure. My performance in the workplace was greatly affected and I was unable to maintain long-term employment. Lack of self-confidence kept me in a constant state of depression. I had difficulty with relationships both personally and professionally. I underwent the Focus System therapy with the hopes of finding a way to alleviate my internal pain. Through the center’s listening and visual techniques I learned effective listening, enhanced my artistic abilities, and developed a constructive perspective and approach to my profession and education. The positive results I received are invaluable. My confidence increased significantly. I now approach life with the belief that I can not only succeed and excel but also overcome challenges that for so long held me back. I work at an alternative high school with teens who confront obstacles very similar to mine and I have suggested the Focus System therapy to their parents.

    R. Miyasato-Simmons School Counselor
  • The Focus System has made such a difference in our boys’ interactions at home and at school. The Focus System is set up to focus on different needs of people with sensory processing disorders for weeks at a time. This has allowed me to more effectively focus on my children’s individual needs and see their progress. Our 12-year-old, Jack, used to get quite angry and shut down when he had too many tasks to complete or if work became difficult. He was also easily overwhelmed by sounds. The Focus System listening program has helped Jack manage his emotions and be more organized. He has more patience to create a plan and stick to it, and will talk more about difficulties in his work. Jack rarely becomes upset by noise. Josh, our 9-year old, is easily distracted, so getting him to stick with exercises long enough to be effective can be challenging. He has also struggled to communicate in a noisy environment and to put words to his complex ideas. After several weeks of using the Focus System, I noticed that Noah could hear me across the room and could talk to me while doing other things. He has become centered enough that he could wait for a moment while I stepped away and then go back to what we were doing. Josh requires a high level of vestibular input to meet his needs and I believe that with the Focus System bone conductor he is getting an appropriate level of input for his therapy needs. It has been great to see that he now can often calm his body down enough to go from being quite active to doing a quiet activity and have a conversation. The Focus System provides me an option to help my boys and make a big difference in their ability to communicate and be productive. They are happier and more confident and I have been very happy with the results.

    JJ from Minnesota, parent
  • Thank you Unyte. My daughter was just re-tested post Focus System with auditory processing skills and has progressed all around; however, specifically in phonological skills (sounding out words and blending sounds into words) she has progressed from the 6% for her age (significantly below normal) to 97% for her age (well above normal). She was crying very night last year we had to read and had difficulty with sounding out c a t. Now she is excelled in reading, reading at the top of her class, and best of all she likes to read. She is 5 1/2 and READING! Thank you so much to Unyte and a great speech therapist!

    Shannon Norris, OTR/L
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