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Live Webinar: Simplifying the SSP with Susanna Coss and Matt Guts

Date: April 25 @ 1 p.m. ET

Join Unyte Health’s Research and Training Associate, Susanna Coss and Programs Consultant Matt Guts, in an exploration of Dr. Porges’ Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), the practical application of Polyvagal Theory. This session will help you envision your path to becoming an SSP provider. 

We’ll discuss how professionals have integrated the SSP into their practice through real-life case studies. Attendees will get a tour of the MyUnyte platform that’s used to manage clients, constantly updated with new resources, assessments and community announcements. We’ll also reserve time for an interactive, live Q&A to help answer your questions directly.

Are you looking to learn about the Integrated Listening System (ILS)? Learn more here.

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Unyte Health Susanna Coss

Susanna Coss, Unyte Health Research and Training Associate

With a background in neuroscience and a passion for holistic healthcare, Susanna is dedicated to spreading the principles and applications of Polyvagal Theory. She strives to bridge the gap between science and practice by contributing to training and research initiatives.

Matt Guts, Unyte Health Specialized Programs Consultant

Matt is passionate about the study of trauma and its impact on the nervous system. With a background in advising small businesses and solo-practitioners, Matt enjoys helping providers grow their practices and improve client outcomes using the SSP.

Client laying on a couch and listening to SSP or Focus

Discover the Safe and Sound Protocol

Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the SSP is a listening therapy designed to unlock your client’s ability to think, feel, and connect better through nervous system regulation.

The SSP isn’t simply five hours of music; it’s a comprehensive approach to healing. This unique listening therapy is a journey that brings together client, therapist, and the SSP to create a safe space for brain and body integration and healing to achieve impactful, long-lasting results.

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