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iLs has been evolving for decades, a growth that’s inextricably connected to our family of iLs-trained therapists. We would like to thank you, from the depths of our hearts, for giving us the opportunity to be part of your lives through iLs. With gratitude and love and respect for our relationship with the iLs community, we will be working with Unyte to make sure the transition to a new iLs is a smooth one.

Watch a recording of the Q&A session with Jason Tafler, CEO of Unyte-iLs


What happened?

Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) has been acquired by a company called Unyte Health Inc.

A few months ago, iLs was approached by Unyte, a talented group from Toronto with a vision remarkably similar to our own.  They saw the iLs products as complementary to their biofeedback solutions, and they were interested in expanding their business. We liked them, their attitude, and vision for creating an evidence-based “neural solutions” company.  We have complementary customer groups, products and capabilities, and Unyte expressed an interest in purchasing iLs. After several months of getting to know them, we felt confident they could take iLs to the next level -while maintaining the integrity of the relationships we’ve come to value so much these past 12 years.

What is Unyte? What do they do?

Unyte Health Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Its mission is to create and acquire a suite of effective neural or mind-body solutions that will guide tens of millions of people to happier, healthier and more meaningful lives. iLs fits perfectly with this mission.

Unyte is led by a passionate, purpose-driven team that has been personally affected by health challenges. Their CEO, Jason Tafler, survived a near-death experience several years ago, which led him to leave the corporate world in search of evidence-based solutions that could help people retrain their nervous systems to reduce stress and improve health and well-being.  

Unyte’s first acquisition three years ago was a company called Wild Divine, which formed their current product offering called Interactive Meditation. With this product, Unyte uniquely combines a biofeedback device, called the iom2, with a series of digital app Journeys that include interactive exercises and guided meditations. Together, they help people learn to reduce stress and anxiety, while increasing awareness, self-regulation and resilience. The iom2 device measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a measure of the variation in time between heartbeats that is considered to be a strong indicator of one’s state of relaxation. Decades of research has shown that a higher HRV correlates with an optimal, relaxed nervous system state, positive emotions, and improved health. Please visit to learn more.

What happens next? Will the current team remain in place?

Unyte is very excited to support and work with our team. Kate Minson, Rick Renner and Randall Redfield will stay on temporarily to help transition the business and to provide guidance on product planning. Other than that, we do not have any personnel changes planned and we will continue to work out of the same office in Denver. We’re also excited that Dr. Ron will be staying on as a Unyte employee to help with clinical supervision and thought leadership. In addition, iLs will continue our important partnership with Dr. Stephen Porges related to SSP and other new products and research.

We are also developing an innovation strategy that will enhance iLs’ current products and processes, with the objective of making us even easier to do business with and our products easier to use and more effective.

Will Integrated Listening Systems change its name?

No, we will continue to use the iLs name and brand, which have developed a strong reputation and community over the past decade.

Does this change the iLs-Dr. Porges relationship in any way?

The important iLs relationship with Dr. Porges will continue. In fact, Unyte has signed a long-term partnership whereby Dr. Porges will become the Chief Scientific Advisor of Unyte & iLs. Dr. Porges is very excited to work with the expanded team and our customers on new product ideas, research and education.

Products, Sales & Support

How does this acquisition affect me and the products I have purchased?

The acquisition doesn’t affect you in any way, except for gaining access to new product features and enhancements over time.  We are still here in Denver, Colorado, happy to help you, answer any of your questions, and repair your devices. Your billing and pricing do not change either.

Who will be my Programs Consultant moving forward?

Your Program Consultants remain the same. Alissa, Emily, Maggie, Tim, and Ann are here to help! You can reach out to them anytime at 303-741-4544 or via their email addresses.

How will the line-up of your products change?

The core aspects of iLs products, pricing, training and support will stay the same for the time being.  Unyte has specific expertise in digital content, app and software development, so their team is excited to help us digitize our products, which will make it easier for iLs therapists and their clients to use our offerings and measure progress.

Can iLs and Unyte products be used in conjunction with one another?

We’re specifically excited about combining iLs’ research-based multisensory therapy and great customer service with Unyte’s biofeedback technology and app/software platform. For example, with Unyte’s iom2 biofeedback device that measures physiological state, we will be able to gather scientific data and understand the effects Focus and SSP have on nervous system state over time.

Will iLs continue to offer clinical consultations?

Yes, iLs will continue to offer clinical consultations, led by Dr. Ron Minson, Kate Minson (at least for several months), Karen Onderko and a team of other trained clinical experts including Dr. Stephen Porges. Dr. Ron will be continuing on as an employee of Unyte.

Will prices on your products increase?

The core aspects of iLs products and pricing will stay the same for the time being.

Where can I learn more about Unyte’s products?

Please visit for more information. Unyte is also offering iLs customers a discount on its products – please reach out to us at [email protected] or 1 (866) 594-9453 if you’d like to learn more.


Where do I ship my products for repairs or returns?

We remain at our current location, where you can ship your systems. The Service office is at 2821 S. Parker Road, Suite 065, Denver, CO 80014.

Will shipping costs increase?

We continue to ship out of the same facility, so shipping costs will remain the same unless carrier providers change shipping rates for unrelated reasons.


Does this change my subscription rates/schedules?

No, your subscription amounts and schedules do not change.

Will I need to submit my payment information to the new company?

No, all payment arrangements will automatically transfer to the new company and you will not see any changes for the foreseeable future.

Will I need to sign a new agreement with Unyte?

No, all agreements will transfer to the new company with no further action on your part.

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