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Submit a Case Study

As a valued member of the Unyte provider community, you contain a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience.

Your case studies will help inform future research and contribute to the growing evidence base on the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and the Integrated Listening System (also known as the Focus System). Share your experience and learnings with us and our dedicated community of more than 3,000 providers, and help us better understand how these programs can support regulation and well-being for your clients.

Providers who submit a qualified case study will receive a $250 credit for any Unyte product or subscription!*

A Simple 3-Step Process

  1. Submit your case study using this form.
    Please provide as much detail as you can, and ensure you maintain HIPAA compliance by using pseudonyms and providing a secure email address. The form will take about 30 minutes (up to one hour) to fill.

    What counts as a qualified submission?
    • Please ensure you complete all fields on the form.
    • Provide substantive and detailed responses, following the field descriptions on the form.
    • Include supporting information provided through examples such as client testimony, assessment results, multimedia, and graphs and charts.
  2. Review and evaluation.
    Your submission will be reviewed by our Training and Research team, who will be in touch with you within about five business days. They will notify you whether your case study has been approved, or if we require more information with your submission.
  3. Receive your credit!
    Your time and research are incredibly valuable to us. As a token of our appreciation for your participation, you’ll receive a $250 MyUnyte credit (upon approval), to be used toward your next invoice or purchase, including subscription fee, active client charge, training or physical item.

Read our published case studies

To provide you with guidance as you complete your case study submission, we recommend reading some of our published examples.

Click on the thumbnails to read three of our featured case studies that include delivery for both adults and children, or click below to browse the complete archive.

Have questions? We’re here to support you. Please feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] with any inquiries you may have.

Submit a Case Study

Providers who submit a qualified case study will receive a $250 credit for any Unyte product or subscription!*

*Terms and conditions

  • All submissions are subject to evaluation and approval by Unyte’s Clinical Team, in accordance with HIPAA regulations. 
  • Providers who submit a qualified case study, as determined by Unyte, will receive a $250 MyUnyte credit (USD) upon approval. Providers are limited to one approved SSP case study submission and/or two approved ILS (Focus System) case study submissions every 12 months, with a total maximum credit amount of $500 within the same period. This credit has no cash value and is not redeemable for cash.
  • Providers who submit an unqualified case study will be prompted to re-submit their case study, with direction to meet the criteria.
  • Providers who are part of a subscribing organization with multiple providers may not be eligible for this credit. Please contact your Unyte Account Manager for more information about incentives for qualified case study submissions.
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