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Singel 1/z
1402 NN, Bussum, Netherlands

Marlène Potjer, Neurotherapist, (Adv)
Owner of Braintherapie
[email protected]

Faro neuro & Health center
Papaverstraat 26B
1131 HK Volendam
[email protected]

Jan Karregat, Natural Health Therapist, Neurotherapist
[email protected]
Tel: 0299-713002

Marjanne Laeven, Natural Health Therapist, Neurotherapist
[email protected]
Tel: 0299-713002

Neurotherapy Center Hilversum
Oude Loswal 32
1217 TG Hilversum
[email protected]
31 35 628 6895

Friso Bergsma, Neurotherapist

Erik van Beuningen, MSc., Psychologist

Malcolm Halfhuid, MSc., Neurotherapist

Guusje Roozemond, MSc., Neurotherapist, Director

[email protected]

Babs Stulemeijer, Neurotherapist

Fred Landwaart, (Adv)
A. V. Schendel
Str. 123 Arthur van  Schendelstraat 123
NL-3511 MB Utrecht
[email protected]

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