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Welcome to the Unyte Health Community!

Thank you for registering for our webinar, Simplifying the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), hosted by Unyte’s Specialized Program Consultant, Susanna Coss.

Curious about how to apply the benefits of polyvagal theory and the SSP in your own practice?

Fill out the below form to gain access to free resources to get you started, including an ebook on the Foundations of the SSP, a sample chapter of Dr. Porges’ and Deb Dana’s book Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory, and specific use cases of providers like you using this powerful tool to help their own clients.


Welcome to the Unyte Health Community!

“The SSP has allowed me to work with clients — children and adults — through a very short period of time and achieve results that normally would take me six months or more in a regular therapeutic process. I see trust, I see connection, I see safety being kindled at a level that the therapeutic process can flow without barriers.” — Ana do Valle, OTR, SEP

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As discussed during this session, the SSP is a non-invasive listening therapy created by Dr. Stephen Porges, the author of Polyvagal Theory…

  • The SSP is used by therapists, mental health practitioners, and sensory integration practitioners to help retune their clients’ nervous systems back to a balanced state in which they can engage better with therapy.
  • Thousands of providers in 70+ countries have used the SSP to help over 100,000 clients respond more effectively to life’s challenges, access higher learning and cognition, and build positive social relationships.
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