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We now call it the “magic pillow” and my son really likes listening to the music, so much so that he requests it pretty much every night.” – E.S. Minton, parent


We understand. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can make for difficult days and nights. Restless nights lead to more difficult days. The cycle repeats. Until now…

New Peer-Reviewed Research: the Dreampad increases sleep duration and reduces nighttime wakings in children with ASD. Study participants also noted improved daytime behavior.

It’s more than a pillow: the Dreampad prompts your body’s relaxation response by converting specially-treated music into gentle vibrations only you can hear.

  • The Dreampad has helped my son fall asleep faster, sleep more sound and wake up happier each morning. He has learned to turn it on himself and makes sure that it is on each night. It is comfortable and the sound is nicely adjustable for his comfort.

    Stephanie Blackwell
  • I purchased the Dreampad for my 11 year old with sensory issues. It has made a drastic difference in how she sleeps (no more night terrors) and she is waking up easier. She calls it her music pillow. We have been using it for about a month now and do believe it is worth the cost. - Tonya Ainsworth

    Tonya Ainsworth
  • I am an OT. I am trialing the Dreampad with a 6 year old who was taking 45 minutes to one hour to fall asleep. He is generally falling asleep now within 20-30 minutes. THANK YOU.

    Barbara Marshall, Therapist

Science & Research

The Denver-based parent company of the Dreampad, iLs (Integrated Listening Systems), is a music and movement therapy for improving brain function. The program includes a headset with a unique transducer technology, which clinicians reported as having a noticeable calming effect on children with anxiety. Many of these children; however, are unable to wear headsets due to their tactile sensitivity. iLs developed the Dreampad as a means of bringing that auditory technology, in the form of a pad, to those children.

The feedback to iLs was immediate and exciting. With that, we began the design process, which has entailed multiple iterations of the product over a number of years.


Sarah Schoen, PhD, OTR, Assistant Research Director, SPD Foundation

Summary: The aim of this study was to examine the immediate, short-term effects of the Dreampad on the sleep behaviors of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In addition, this study examined the effects of changes in sleep patterns on parent and family measures of stress and quality of life.
“Improvements were noted in sleep initiation, duration of sleep, reduction in night waking and improved daytime behavior. All 15 children showed a decrease in sleep problems as noted in response to the sleep diary or the CSHQ. Similarly all 15 families had improved scores on the Pediatric Quality of Life Questionnaire, some of which persisted beyond the time they were actively using the Dreampad. Changes were most notable in emotional, social and school functioning. All of the parents reported a positive reaction to using the Dreampad and were interested in continuing its use. Many said their children were going to bed/sleep more quickly, sleeping more soundly, waking up more easily and generally seemed more relaxed.”

The Music App

Dreampad music pillow sleep aid for children

The Dreampad Music pillow is a non-pharmacological sleep aid proven to help children with ASD fall asleep and stay asleep.

The Dreampad team has been making music for therapeutic purposes for over a decade. We create all Dreampad music in house (except the Classical piece), and we use frequencies, tempo and structure which are proven to be the most conducive to relaxation and sleep. We integrate nature sounds as well, adding natural rhythm and a textural quality to the pieces.

The Dreampad music app offers a great selection for relaxation and sleeping, as well as a convenient interface for controlling the music. The app includes a Timer for setting playing time, an Alarm that wakes you gently from your dreams, a range of volume settings for listening on your back or your side, and some really helpful sleep tips to enhance the effectiveness of the Dreampad.

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