Sowing the seeds of growth

An iLs Summer Program takes advantage of the extra time available to students over the summer break when there are fewer obligations and distractions.  Whether a refresher program for someone [...]


In the Zone: You and the Inverted U

The Yerkes-Dodson Law and the resulting Inverted U Curve of Arousal vs. Performance was created by psychologists Robert Yerkes and John Dodson more than one hundred years ago (1908). But what is [...]


2017 Holiday Read/Watch/Listen List

Each year, we share some of the books, articles, websites, videos and podcasts we at iLs have found compelling. We hope they will supplement your understanding of the principles of learning and [...]


In the Zone: Conditions for Flow

The study of flow states began 150 years ago with research from William James on altered consciousness. In the 1960’s and 70’s, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi researched flow states in one of the [...]


Addressing Separation Anxiety

iLs Clinical Director, Ron Minson, MD discusses strategies from his experience working with children dealing with Separation Anxiety Disorder. iLs:  What is Separation Anxiety Disorder and can [...]

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