Neurobites: Sleep and Memory

Neurobites Quiz: What aspect of sleep helps to consolidate memories and cement your learning? a. The quality and quantity of the sleep the night before the learning b. The deepest stage of sleep [...]


Dynamic Activities Boost Working Memory

Looking to improve your working memory? Try dynamic exercise. A new study from the University of North Florida (UNF) Department of Psychology finds that people who participate in proprioceptively [...]


Sleep Preserves Memories

The evidence for sleep’s impact on memory formation and retrieval continues to grow. A number of studies have demonstrated that people are better able to remember what they learned after a night [...]


Hobbies Help Maintain Memory in Old Age

What you do in your spare time can help protect you from the effects of aging. A study from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota finds that people who engage in arts and crafts, socialize, and [...]

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