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Dr. Frank Anderson talks about new book ‘To Be Loved’ on Good Morning America

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Posted June 14, 2024

“Everyone can heal. No matter what you’ve been through you deserve to be loved and healing is possible.” – Dr. Frank Anderson

Dr. Frank Anderson, a renowned psychiatrist and trauma expert, recently made an impactful appearance on Good Morning America to discuss his latest book, To Be Loved. During the interview, Dr. Anderson shared details of his own healing journey, offering insights into the path of healing and forgiveness he pursued, particularly around his troubled relationship with his own father.

In To Be Loved, Dr. Anderson explores the complexities of love and trauma, drawing from both his professional expertise and personal experiences. He reveals that his healing journey was deeply intertwined with his relationship with his father, which was strained and tumultuous for many years. Through his own therapy, he learned to recognize and address the deep-seated wounds from his childhood. One pivotal moment in his healing journey was when he decided to reach out to his father and initiate a series of difficult yet transformative conversations.

These conversations were not easy, Dr. Anderson admitted. They required vulnerability and a willingness to face painful memories. However, through the process, he began to understand his father’s own struggles and traumas, which had influenced his behavior. This understanding was crucial for Dr. Anderson, as it allowed him to shift his perspective from one of blame to one of empathy and compassion.

In his book, Dr. Anderson offers readers practical tools and strategies for their own healing journeys. He combines his professional insights with personal anecdotes, making the book both informative and relatable. Dr. Anderson provides a powerful message of hope and resilience, encouraging others to embark on their own paths to healing and forgiveness.

Courtesy of Good Morning America

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