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8 ways providers can practice self-care this holiday season

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Posted December 20, 2021

Find time for yourself and follow these simple tips and Polyvagal Theory-based exercises to stay regulated.

The busy holiday season can often unpack an added layer of challenges for your clients, and it’s important to acknowledge that your role in guiding them through their journey can be overwhelming.

To support you and your pursuit of the best therapeutic tools to help your clients live regulated and resilient lives, we’ve put together our top self-care tips for providers to take care of themselves.

1. Breathe

Take three cleansing breaths before each session and throughout the workday. Use this shape-breathing tool to help guide you — 10 minutes is all it takes.

2. Ground Yourself

Schedule “you” time between sessions to center yourself. Go back to basics with this grounding technique:


  • 5 things you see
  • 4 things you can touch
  • 3 things you hear
  • 2 things you smell
  • 1 thing you can taste


3. Stretch and Sigh

Breathe in, tilt your head back and audibly sigh as you release. Repeat five times to feel an immediate stress release. Stretching and physical movement can also help increase focus.

4. Hydrate

Keep a bottle of water around to ensure you stay quenched. Proper hydration supports cognitive function and mood, among a myriad of health benefits. 

5. Snack

Avoid the afternoon slump! Nourish your brain and body with a healthy bite to eat so you have enough energy for your appointments and meetings.

6. Silence Your Phone

Turn off non-essential notifications and set dedicated times for checking personal messages. It can be tempting to check your phone during the day, but these distractions can shift our focus away from the present.

7. Draw

Find tranquility by exercising your creativity. Keep a sketchbook nearby, or a meditation tool, such as a Buddha Board, and release through art. Watch the video above to discover why Ana do Valle, OTR, SEP, combines art with the delivery of the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP).

8. Sync to Sounds of Safety

Listen to the Balance pathway of the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), one of three program pathways that offers lighter filtration to help you regulate and reset.

Free download: Elf Care: Holiday Self-Care for Providers

Download and share this free infographic with your colleagues!

From all of us at Unyte, we wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season! 

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