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There are a few ways to use the product:

  1. Download the Dreampad app to your phone, put phone on Airplane Mode*, plug phone directly into Dreampad.  Place phone in Dreampad pocket, or use the 6-foot extension that comes with Dreampad and put phone on bedside table.
    Have an old phone? You can download the Dreampad app to it without needing a service plan.
  2. Use Bluetooth Receiver: After downloading the Dreampad app to your phone, pair phone with Bluetooth receiver (not included), connect Bluetooth to Dreampad.  Place phone on airplane Mode (no radio signals can come or go, no electromagnetic frequency risk, no incoming calls can wake you up).
  3. Download Dreampad music files to an MP3 player and plug player directly into Dreampad.

Experiment with the Dreampad music options and volume levels to find what’s best for you.  Note: side sleepers will use a much lower volume level than back sleepers.

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