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iLs’ three main components of receptive language, expressive language and movement may be used independent of each other or they may be used together.  iLs feels Speech-Language Pathologists incorporating iLs the receptive and expressive components into their traditional therapy are practicing within scope of practice guidelines, provided speech therapy exercises occur simultaneously.

In order to maintain records and practices within a SLP’s scope of practice, the critical documentation always focuses on progress made with regards to speech-language, cognitive-linguistic, voicing, literacy/phonological awareness, and auditory processing goals.  The focus of goals and progress towards goals should always include evidenced-based practice guidelines for each therapy session.

Based on the ASHA’s Position Statement (2005) regarding (C)APD and the Role of Audiologists, programs for treating and managing APD should

  1. Involve a combination of bottom-up and top-down approaches.
  2. Service delivery should be intensive and extensive.
  3. Therapeutic approaches should take advantage of cortical reorganization and principles of neuroplasticity.

iLs is based upon the principles of neuroplasticity (integratedlistening.com).  As such, it is important that iLs programs be implemented both intensively and extensively to achieve optimal results.

Utilizing the iLs VoicePro, both bottom-up (auditory training) and top-down (i.e., cognitive, metacognitive, and language strategies) approaches are utilized.  For example, the dichotic and auditory figure ground tasks of the VoicePro incorporate a bottom-up approach.  Top-down approaches are addressed with auditory sound blending, rhyming and songs, tongue twisters, auditory associations, auditory memory and other exercises.

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