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iLs Around the World

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Posted February 23, 2018

iLs has trained more than 9,000 Associates across the globe, many of whom have been up to some interesting things! Here’s a quick look at some of what’s been happening.  We encourage you to share what you’ve been up to in your corner of the world.

Brain scans from England:

iLs products form a core element in the retraining of neural pathways in children and adults with a range of challenges including autism, ADHD, Anxiety, depression, PTSD and head injury. Our friends at the Braincollective carry out pre and post QEEG assessments on all patients and have demonstrated significant improvement in motor, cognitive and emotional regulation from using the SSP and Focus programs. We are currently working closely with the Brain Collective on a number of research opportunities to maximize the effectiveness of their unique approach.

Michael Reynolds of the Braincollective Team, Harrogate, England https://www.thebraincollective.co.uk/


Therapeutic success in the United States:

“The SSP and Focus System create a resilient platform for the therapeutic process to unfold. It’s a portal and entry point in the interpersonal discovery and healing path. Both programs help build pathways of connection and integration within the self, experience and the relationship.  In the hands of a competent therapist, these tools can open a realm of possibilities for the client.”

– Ano do Valle, OT, SEP, specializing in self regulation from infancy to adulthood http://www.anadovalle.net/


iLs’ reach in Australia and New Zealand:

“I find it rewarding to hear from experienced clinicians who have been reinvigorated and produced profound changes with their clients through using iLs. And to find recently trained practitioners enthusiastic about the rapid progress of their clients after introducing new approaches. For example, I have clinicians tell me their clients have started to speak following years of not doing so [selective mutism]. I am able to provide support and tools for practitioners and clients alike who live in the more remote areas who have limited services but are able to utilize and enjoy the benefits of the cutting edge in therapies through iLs.”

– Joanne McIntyre, OT, MS, PhD candidate, Director Integrated Listening Australia http://vps24034.inmotionhosting.com/~ilsys18.au/


Research in India:

In Bangalore, India, Dr. Samar Singh has been researching the effects of the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) with a group of children and young adults with a diagnosis of ASD. He is curious to see if a coherent breathing protocol he developed together with physical contact would be more effective when combined with the SSP.

Samar J. Singh, PhD, AGEM, www.agem.in


Training in Hong Kong:

“On my recent STAR Institute training trip, it was wonderful to be able to share the iLs Foundations and Implementation Training Course, sponsored by the Hong Kong Occupational Therapy Association, with its members. I got great feedback about the online-live hybrid course design and content. They have already asked us to come back. I can’t wait to share the iLs program with more of my international friends!”

– Virginia Spielmann, Associate Director, STAR Institute for SPD https://www.spdstar.org/


Enthusiasm in Denmark:

Highly skilled and interactive teaching by Dillen Hartley, OT, qualified 25 Danish Occupational Therapists and 1 British Educator in administering the iLs Focus System. The course, sponsored by the Danish OT Association, gave us insight in this unique approach to promoting positive change and development in the children, youth and adults that need our services.

Ingelis Arnsbjerg OTR/L in Denmark and the United States

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