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iLs Clinical Insights: Mosaic Profile

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Posted March 17, 2014

Clinical Insights is a monthly column created to share the best practices and insights of iLs Associates who have shown innovation in developing a successful practice. 

Clinical Insights

This month we are pleased to introduce our readers to Mosaic Children’s Therapy Clinic, one in a family of three multi-disciplinary clinics in the Seattle, WA area.  They have seen impressive growth in the past three years, for reasons which are evident even in this brief profile. 

Practice: MOSAIC Children’s Therapy Clinic, Bellevue, WA, www.mosaicrehab.com

Professional: Jacqueline Watson, OTR/L, Clinical Services Director

Overview: Mosaic Children’s Therapy specializes in a wide variety of services, including speech/language, physical and occupational therapy, nutrition, behavioral and educational consulting, child psychology services, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and behavioral counseling services. With additional specialty certification, our staff are able to provide services above and beyond traditional therapies.


1. People & Structure are Key

The way we’re structured and the people we hire are key. We are therapist-owned and managed, everyone is an employee, no temps, we’re all very invested in the company; as a result there’s very little turnover.  We attempt to hire like-minded, inspiring individuals that truly have a passion for advancing the well-being of the pediatric populations we serve and their families.

2. Open-minded Management Team

Our management team is very open-minded: when employees have ideas, we listen to them.  This was how iLs was embraced into our clinical practice, a few therapists were investigating the therapy model and when they saw the benefits and measurable outcomes we decided to go ahead and have the entire staff trained and a more organized model of service was adopted in the clinic.

3. Consolidation of Services

We’ve consolidated therapies into a single location where parents can find a comprehensive set of multidisciplinary services. This saves parents time and reduces their anxiety. We are mindful that many parents have recently received a new diagnosis and are going through a grieving process when they first come to see us.  We gain their trust by helping them understand the diagnosis, educating them on the treatment options and supporting them through their child’s therapeutic process.

4. Education & Mentoring Programs

Our internal education and mentoring programs have been important factors in our growth. Our managers and I allocate specific time for the development of the clinic and the clinicians, including mentoring our newer therapists, mentoring therapists in sessions with their clients,  and planning strategic training for our staff and client’s families.  As the Clinical Services Director, this allows me more time to team with other experienced therapists  within Mosaic and other neighboring clinics to plan for future growth and development projects.

5. Community Outreach & Social Media –

Effective community outreach is another reason for our growth over the past few years.  Our marketing manager networks with the community; educating them on Mosaic’s services and seeking feedback which helps us know what additional services are needed. We give back to the community by regularly speaking about relevant topics such as sensory integration and why handwriting can be so problematic for some children. Staying active on social media also helps us with our educational projects and visibility in the community. Like Mosaic on Facebook!

6. Data Collection & Research

We are always seeking new ways to increase the evidence for our methods.  As we plan for the future, we’d like to participate in more research, collect more case studies and accumulate more data in support of our multi-disciplinary approach.

Final Comments:

Our journey with iLs has been a joy.  We have had excellent outcomes in areas of visual attention, focus, socialization, motor skills and auditory processing.  We will continue to learn more about iLs through education and improve our functional use of the systems.  Research will be one of our priorities.

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