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How to Incorporate iLs in Your Practice

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Posted June 10, 2016

Incorporate iLs to complement and maximize results with your clients and students!

Incorporate iLs in your practice

Integrated Listening Systems, or iLs, is an effective method that combines auditory stimulation with balance, movement, and visual motor activities, to improve brain function, interconnectivity, and strength.

Because it is based on a concept known as neuroplasticity –the fact that we can change our brain through specific and repeated stimulation the same way we can build strength and endurance with physical exercise– the program’s user can build neurological pathways and synaptic activity at any age.

Thus, the iLs complementary approach can be integrated into a broad variety of practices, such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, ADHD coaching, Autism specialties, psychology/counseling, neurofeedback, sports coaching, chiropractic care and others.

iLs therapyfor kids

Clinical Applications of the iLs Programs

Clinical Applications of the iLs Programs

Since iLs trains the neurological pathways needed for processing information, it can be used as a tool to improve one’s ability to learn.

The combined actions have a global effect on the brain and the central nervous system, influencing the auditory, visual, vestibular, motor, cognitive and emotional systems and their functions.

As a result, iLs can be applied to a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Learning: to build the skills needed for success in school
  • Performance optimization: improves the processing speed and timing in athletic environments, creativity and imagination in arts and business, as well as self–esteem and self-confidence for personal development
  • Neuro-developmental: to achieve therapeutic goals related to emotional and behavioral regulation, sensory processing, communication and social skills (Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy)
  • Psychological / Emotional: to improve attention, emotional balance and vitality
  • Rehabilitation: helps to recover energy levels and skills related to language, movement, and cognitive function after a stroke or head injury

Training is for certified professionals and assistants in the following disciplines:

iLs training is for these certified professionals and assistants

For more details, please contact us through our online form or call 303-741-4544. We’ll be happy to help you!

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