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Meet our Coaches: Cindy Dawkins

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Posted August 6, 2020

Professional Title/Acronym:  Occupational Therapist, OTR/L

How many years working with Unyte-iLs? 12 years

How many years working within your field? 43 years (yikes)

In the midst of discovering new therapeutic modalities, Unyte-iLs included, and working in your chosen therapeutic field, what was your “aha” moment (a turning point that led you to now, working as a Focus System Home Coach for Unyte-iLs?

When I was working in a clinic with very small toddlers who were non- verbal (cri du chat, downs syndrome, autism and preemies) and had seen a measure of success from my skills as an OT, I was struck with the rate of change when I added the Focus System to my treatments.  On multiple instances, I experienced voluntary vocalizations and instant response to the air conduction/bone conduction headphones upon the first try.  I realized that the Focus System provided the stimulus I needed to expedite my treatments and shortened the need for therapy services with a significant number of my clients.  

What special touch do you bring to your coaching that you think really helps families succeed in using the programs at home?

As a mother,  grandmother and an OT, I find many families appreciate the experience I have had and often seek parenting counsel when dealing with significant behavioral and sensory issues with their children.  Being able to provide a wide variety of approaches and strategies to address problems at home is a welcome intervention that is unique to the personal service given as a coach when a family is learning to provide support for their family member at home.  

What is the one thing you would tell families/individuals who are “on the fence” about Unyte- iLs programs  – what’s an important thing for them to know while they’re making a decision about the Focus System?

With the difficulty that families are experiencing with accessing therapy services, school interventions and support for their family, now is the best time to provide them with a resource that will improve motor skills, ability to focus, emotional regulation, academics, communication skills, and many other gaps they may be experiencing.  This is a unique, “once in a lifetime” season where home programs can be accessed and supported to bring lifelong results.  

In your experience, how long does it take for clients to see improvements with use of the Focus System Home Program?

Are there any defining factors that can change this for the better or worse (like level of needs, family/home life, etc.)? Improvements with the focus home program vary as much as the age and needs of each of our clients.  Some families notice shifts within the first 2 weeks, others see a slow “turning of the rudder of the ship” where neurologically the body begins to get organized, processing speed begins to improve, communication becomes more spontaneous and self esteem is directly affected over a period of 4-6 weeks.  Most families have clearly identified changes and improvements by halfway through a Focus program.  

What is your favorite Focus System Home Program client story and/or experience, and why?  

That is so hard because there are so many and it changes every week that I talk to families.  Today a Mom told me her 11 year old son took a year to move through a fifth grade reading program and then completed the sixth grade program in one month using the Focus System.   He said he noticed a difference in his ability to learn and is ready to start another program to get him ready for school in the fall.  Prior to using the Focus System, he had problems with spelling, writing, lack of attention, used poor grammar, could not sit still and could not focus.  He swims competitively but struggles to follow instructions from the coaches in the pool.  That has all changed!  That’s my story from just today.  

You can learn more about Cindy here.

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