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Meet Our Coaches: Sharon Cacciato, MA

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Posted August 11, 2020

Sharon is an Educational Therapist and Counselor who has been working with Unyte-iLs for 9 years – 2.5 as a Program Consultant/Clinical Supervisor in the Denver home office and using the therapies in my own part-time practice, and then beginning in 2014, becoming a Focus System Home Coach when she decided to become full time with her own practice.

How many years working within your field? 27

In the midst of discovering new therapeutic modalities, Focus System  included, and working in your chosen therapeutic field, what was your “aha” moment (a turning point that led you to now, working as a Focus System  Home Coach)?

Having worked with kids and families in the adoption and foster care field for 18 years, many times it was difficult and frustrating to help people successfully work through their past, to see actual change with their current situations. I was very excited to change my career path once I began using the Unyte-iLs family of tools, and thrilled to see how much change is actually possible with the brain, and how much that can impact their lives and the lives of those they live with. 

I love the fact that the work I do can impact not only the individual, or even just the family, but also all who are in their circles of influence, including peers, and/or coworkers. The cumulative effect is profound.

What is your favorite part about being a Focus System Home Coach?

I feel honored and blessed to be a part of helping individuals and families make positive changes in their lives. Also being able to witness people who have not had success in many other therapies, but have finally been able to see progress towards their goals using Unyte-iLs therapies and tools is exciting. 

What is the one thing you would tell families/individuals who are “on the fence” about Unyte-iLs programs  – what’s an important thing for them to know while they’re making a decision about the Focus System?

I can definitely understand the caution and hesitation to dive into one more therapy that has a significant financial and time investment. I was a parent who was looking for help for my daughter as well, and as I sat in the training provided by Unyte-iLs, (and doing my own research as well) I had many questions about how listening to music while doing certain exercises could make changes in the brain. After working directly with iLs-trained providers in a consultant capacity, I saw time and again how these programs were the solution so many families had been searching for. This is the reason I am so invested in getting the word out to others. It is not that the programs are a magical cure, but they are definitely a big piece of the puzzle towards an individual’s journey to health and wholeness.

In your experience, how long does it take for clients to see improvements with use of the Focus System Home Program? Are there any defining factors that can change this for the better or worse (like level of needs, family/home life, etc.)? 

Over the years, I have seen changes begin to happen within 3-4 months typically with the Focus System Home Program. There are some families who have seen changes earlier on in the program, but for the majority, they need to do it regularly, 3-5 hours per week, for 3-4 months before they see the new pathways in the brain being formed. I like to be realistic with the families I work with because I have been in a similar situation seeking help for my own daughter, and I know they appreciate the honesty. The most difficult part about doing ANY therapy is not only the financial commitment, but also the time commitment, which for many families is just as important (if not moreso) as the financial investment in seeking help. It can be what makes or breaks the amount of changes that can be seen.

As far as defining factors, the Focus System Program, like most brain therapies, is a journey, and the reality is it may not always be a perfect fit for the lifestyle of a family at this moment in time. This can be due to the amount of therapies they are in, and/or activities the family is involved in at that time. But I have seen families who have realized that maybe a year or two later, schedules change and motivations change, and it becomes very doable for them, and they are able to see many of the changes they have been hoping to see. Just because it may not be a good fit now, does not mean it will not be a good fit in the future.

What is your favorite Unyte-iLs Home Program client story and/or experience, and why?

My favorite story is of one of my families who has done the SSP several times. Each time they have done the program, they do it for each of the members of their family, but the central focus is for one of their kids who has significant challenges. The changes that have happened for him are awesome, and they have videotaped many of his achievements over time. I love hearing and seeing the new things he can do, and the progress he has made throughout his healing journey. It is definitely motivating for me as a Home Coach to see how it has affected the family as a whole, and to know how the SSP has made such a difference for each of them in their family.

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